Tariq Woolen 6'4 205
Woolen is a rare physical specimen in that regard. But that's not even the most exciting element of his scouting report. From that frame, he has a reported 4.34 laser-timed 40-yard dash and an 11'5″ broad jump. Those are eye-watering testing numbers for a player of his size. The word "freak" shouldn't be bandied around freely when describing athletes, but that is exactly what Woolen is.

Calvin Austin III 5'7 175
WR Memphis
Productive playmaker with below-average size but above-average heart. Austin is below the acceptable size standards many teams have at wide receiver, but he is fearless, versatile and fast. He has proven he can handle the catch-and-run duties necessary in Memphis' quick game. He has the rapid-fire foot quickness and loose hips to take on a more complex route tree as an NFL slot target. His lack of size shows up in contested catch battles so he will need to fine-tune the route-running to improve his catch windows. Austin's ability to work all three levels of the field and handle punt-return duties increases his odds of becoming a Day 3 pick.

Marquis Hayes 6'5 318
OG Oklahoma
With his size, Hayes outmuscles and walls off defenders as a run blocker. When he lowers his pads into blocks, he dominates defenders with his natural power. Moreover, Hayes flashes good build-up speed for his size. He's a surprising mover in space, using long, bounding strides to cover ground. He can carry momentum into opponents, as well as explode into players at the second level and latch on punches. Furthermore, Hayes flashes decent recovery athleticism and lateral mobility. The Oklahoma guard has enough lateral mobility to match stunting linemen. He can also flip his hips well enough to wall off opponents on reach blocks. Additionally, Hayes snaps back into place quickly after punches and surges into successive blocks.

Jeffrey Gunter. 6'4 260
EDGE Coastal Carolina
Tall, strong, and long, Gunter plays the game with a relentless motor. Equally adept at terrorizing quarterbacks or setting the edge in the run game, his usage at Coastal gives him additional versatility. Last season alone, he neared 100 pass-coverage reps, using his length and athletic ability to add another dimension to his threat as a pass rusher

Cameron Jurgens 6,2 303
OC Nebraska

Kalon Barnes 5'11 200
CB Baylor

Kana'i Mauga 6'2 245
With his burst, Mauga can break into the backfield in an instant. He also has good torso flexibility, which he uses in conjunction with his burst to slice past linemen and block off carries. Mauga's explosiveness is the most prevalent positive athletic trait in his arsenal, but the praise doesn't stop there.

Quay Holmes 6'225

Andrew Stueber 6'6 325
OG Michigan