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irishluder's draftmas eve mock

Well my second Christmas of the year is here and I'm pumped to see out team get better and I hope you'll agree this mock will do just that!

3. Trey Lance, QB, NDSU
The amount of smoke screens for picking #3 has been interesting and with all the snippets from Kyle on wanting a Mahomes and Allen that can process his reads comes down to Lance. Athleticism for days, ran a pro style offense albeit against lower competition, and arm strength to make down the field plays has Kyle excited with what he can finally draw up on game day. Jimmy trade talk and Mac being the guy is nothing more than keeping the league guessing, Jimmy stays this year and lets Lance absorb the play book and NFL defenses and see just how fast the DB's can cover ground. Jimmy will man the fort until injury forces otherwise, Jimmy will be traded next off season when his contract allows.

43. Trade: 49ers trade 43 and 230 (7th rounder) to Cleveland for 59 and 110
Cleveland has a lot of mid round picks and wants to move up in the 2nd to get a more impactful player because they only have so many roster spots.

59. Dyami Brown, WR, UNC
Brown has the ability to open the secondary with his speed and route running, DB's have fits covering him and his ability to make double moves is amazing. He is able to play from the slot but has the ability to play outside as well if Ayuik or Samuel get injured. He's had some issues with concentration drops, but his hands and YAC abilities are exciting and just the guy Kyle needs to open up the play book.

102. Kendrick Green, OG/C, Illinois
Green has everything Kyle loves in a IOL, quick out of his stance, disciplined in both the run and pass game, and can get to the second level to open those holes on zone plays. He immediately fills the RG spot and becomes a journey man under Mack for a possible move to C down the road.

110. Trill Williams, DB, Syracuse
Trill is an exciting DB prospect that can play outside, inside, and safety. His calling is outside and will need a little time to acclimate to the NFL but has the physical tools to accel in both man and zone depending on how Ryans plans to utilize his corners.

117. Marco Wilson, CB, Florida
Wilson is a smooth athlete that can play both inside and outside, so he has versatility depending on how Ryans wants to use him. Wilson was also used to rush the QB and had success. Good tackler and gets his head around to play the ball in the air. Great DB to coach up and use how ever needed depending on the health of Verrett.

155. Patrick Jones II, DE, Pitt
Jones is a starting caliber 4-3 DE who is good both in the run game and getting pressure on the QB. He's not a 10 sack guy but will play the edge well and keep the mobile QB's in our division contained and allow Bosa to wreak havoc.

172. Jaelon Darden, WR, North Texas
Man do I love this guy, undersized and has a chip on his shoulder about it like Steve smith did. Electric athlete who can change directions in an instant and has great footwork to go with it. He should be going higher but with a incredibly deep WR class, he could be here and we'd be stupid not to run the card in to draft him. Dyami will man the slot in year 1 and we will let Darden be our returner and WR4, if we have a injury at WR Darden will move into the slot and Dyami will be on the outside.

180. Jaylon Moore, OT, Western Michigan
Moore is a developmental OT who has very good movement skills and will shine in a ZBS. I'm really believing that MM will play better this season, but if he struggles then Moore will be the RT moving forward.

194. Tre McKitty, TE, Georgia
A underused player in Georgia, McKitty is an athletic play maker who can also stay in line and block, having Kittle as a mentor will be great for him and would be a great TE2 for us.

Areas of need in 2022 draft will be FS/SS, RB, CB, OG/C, Return Specialist
I like it.
Originally posted by GorefullBore:
I like it.

Me too
Would be very happy with this draft.
100% accurate so far
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