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Zeke Mock 1.0 - "Fields of Dreams"

Resign Hyder.
Resign Verrett.
Resign T. Williams.
Resign K'Juan Williams.
Resign Juice.
Sign Mack as he has indicated he wants to be here as long as it doesn't prevent any of the defensive signings above.
Trade Jimmy for the Pats 3rd rounder. Dumping Jimmy's salary to give Fields the absolute best possible roster to aid his hopefully quick development. We are resigning most of our most important defensive pieces and instead of replenishing we are reinforcing those spots in the draft in the secondary and pass rush.

This mock is based on NYJ not going QB at #2. Wilson goes #4 and Fields falls to #7.

Trade #12, #43, and #108 and a 2022 4th to Detroit
Receive #7, #71

(According to draft chart we are already slightly behind on trade withoit the 2022 4th but we throw it in as a sweetener to get deal done. If have to throw in a 2022 3rd instead so be it).

7. Justin Fields QB Ohio St - Championship game drops him a little down to #7. Lynch makes his move without having to give up a 2022 1st.
12. Traded to Detroit
43. Traded to Detroit
71. Newsome II CB Northwestern (from Detroit)
96. Ronnie Perkins EDGE Oklahoma (comp pick)
97. Josh Meyers C Ohio St (Patriots comp pick from Brady and Jimmy trade)
108. Traded to Detroit
115. Dyami Brown WR North Carolina
153. Traded for 115
170. Traded for 115
185. Alaric Jackson G Iowa (Comp pick)
6th. Gillespie S Missouri
7th. Traded for 115
7th. BPA


1st. Justin Fields QB
3rd. Greg Newsome II CB
3rd. Ronnie Perkins EDGE (comp)
3rd. Josh Meyers C (Jimmy trade)
4th. Dyami Brown WR
5th. Alaric Jackson G (comp)
6th. Tyree Gillespie S
7th. BPA
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Like it overall. Only thing that would throw a wrench into your plans is the Eagles needing a QB after trading Wentz. As of now, this plan works.

Are you a Big 10 guy? It sure looks that way with your picks. I would be very happy with your top three picks along with A. Jackson late as a swing G/OT.

Actually curious what you would do with that last pick. Would you take a player at a position of relative strength like RB or LB? Or would you double down on a more obvious position of need like CB or Edge?
With getting Garappolo off the books (and im assuming you are dumping Richburg & Ford), you should be able to pick up some additional FAs like another IOL and another OW. Maybe even throw in a mid-level pass rusher for the rotation. If we dump Garappolo and the only impactful outside FA is Mack(love this pickup, btw), Id be pretty mad.
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There is trade precedent to go from 12 to 7 from 2018 in the trade up for Josh Allen. Buffalo sent 12 and its two second round picks (53 & 56) for 7 & 255.
I dont know why the Jets will not take a QB at #2. Saleh has seen first hand what passing on a QB in year #1 has done to us especially since you have Wilson/Fields both ranked in the top 5 of the class. At least when Kyle made the mistake there was only 1 QB (Trubisky) ranked consensus top 5.
I would love to resign all of those players but the fact is Fields would never last that long
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