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pre-senior bowl mock

Originally posted by NYniner85:
Originally posted by m_brockalexander:
Nice work. Like the move for Stafford, the free agent signings and giving Jimmy G a chance to land a starting job with another team.

In regards to the draft, love all the picks except two. Doubt Jones will be there in the 3rd, but apparently his bookend teammate Rashad Weaver will be. He is a little bigger than Jones and a better run defender while still being an effective pass rusher. Seriously doubt that Jackson will be there in the fifth round and as far as I know, he is a Center only prospect. With Garland back and your FA signing, I would like someone like Alaric Jackson OG/OT from Iowa in that spot.

Yeah I think Jones would require a small move up, which I'm down for.

Not sure about Jackson, I was going off cbs draft board. I do like the Alaric idea though.

This was a quick and dirty mock. So not a s**t ton of thought behind it. Thanks

I love that idea
I guarantee we won't trade for Stafford...
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