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808's Too Early Dream Offseason

(EDGE/OLB) Dee Ford (retired)
(C) Weston Richburg (retired)
(LB) Mark Nzeocha (release)
(LB) Azeez Al-Shaair (release)

(QB) Jimmy G
(DL) Arik Armstead
(S) Jimmie Ward

Extend: Fred Warner

Resign FAs:
1st Tier:
(Must Resign)
(OT) Trent Williams
(CB) Jason Verrett
(FB) Juice
(NB) K'Waun Williams
(DT) Kevin Givens
(RB) Jeff Wilson
(TE) Jordan Reed

2nd Tier:
(Let them test FA then match and resign if not too expensive.)
(CB) Richard Sherman
(DE) Kerry Hyder
(DT) DJ Jones
(OL) Ben Garland
(OL) Daniel Brunskill

1yr Deals:
(DE) Ronald Blair
(CB) Emanuel Moseley

FAs Signings:
*Arizona has been using this guy wrong, playing him off the ball and dropping him to coverage for the most part. He was one of the most formidable, quick-twitched pass rusher coming out of college in 2017. This year Arizona finally played him close to the LOS where he belonged and he flourished, we'll be competing with Arizona for his service but he might hold a grudge against Arizona for declining his 5th year option this past offseason and playing him out of position for almost all of his rookie contract years. Would sign with the Niners just to stick it to them. He'll be the perfect replacement for Dee Ford. Quick off the line and his speed will create havoc for OTs. He didn't do much damaged due to playing out of position. Should be a little cheaper than those big named pass rushers that are available. He can play SAM on base downs and then come down to the line to rush the QB on obvious passing downs. His speed rush and Bosa's skills will make this Pass Rush elite again. 4yrs-37M

*Cheaper replacement for KB and the #3 WR spot. Fits the YAC mojo of the Niners WRs. 6'3 with 4.3 speed. Very physical, plays STs: gunner & KReturner. 3yrs-9.5M

*Counting the extra 3rd round pick for Saleh leaving which is almost a guarantee.

Zach Wilson is the dream here but he'll be long gone when the Niners pick. I honestly believes Lance could slide down to the Niners pick for certain reasons. He played only one full season of college football at the Division ll level. (Please don't give me "but Carson Wentz went to the same school and got drafted 2nd overall". For one, Carson Wentz was a star for at least 2 years at NDSU, two he came out on a weak draft class for D1 QBs which bumped his value up high.) Lance also played only one game this year and struggled a little. Some teams will hesitate to pull the trigger on him too early in the draft. He has all the tools to develop into a star in the NFL but most teams cannot afford to let him sit and develop, teams need day 1 starters off the bat. The Niners is the perfect situation for him to sit, learn and develop behind Jimmy G since he'll be there for at least one more season.

One of the best Safeties in college IMO. His range is elite, speed and ball skills are topnotch. Can play single high and can be the eraser that Jimmie Ward never was. Ward is playing pretty good at SS taking over for Tartt atm maybe he should stick to SS. Most boards has Moehrig going anywhere from 2nd-4th round, but I'm taking him in the 2nd. Moehrig can start day 1 at FS.

(3) - (CB) ISRAEL MUKUAMU, South Carolina
6'4" - 205 lbs, Long, rangy, physical CB with good ball skills who excels in cover 3 zone defense. His partner Jaycee Horn might be getting all the hype and attention but if you watch SC's games, Horn makes plays bc QBs throws at him, A LOT. QBs hardly ever test or throw at Mukuamu for some reason. He's a lot better prospect than Sherman coming out of college, NO not saying he's better than Sherman at all, but as a prospect coming out of college when Sherman came out in 2011. What he lacks in hip fluidity and change of direction he makes up with his size and physicality. Mukuamu against DK Metcalf twice a year can be a great matchup to see for years to come.

(4) - (C) ALEC LINDSTROM, Boston
One of the top Centers of this draft. Fits well in KS's outside zone scheme. Quick and nimble to get to the second level. Has that nasty finisher in run blocking like his brother. Comes from a great lineage of OL family. His brother Chris is the starting RG for the Atlanta Falcons. High IQ player, which is a must for any Center in the NFL in calling protection.

(5) - (RB) JARET PATTERSON, Buffalo
Taylormade RB for KS's scheme. Low center of gravity with great balance and vision for the outside zone running scheme. Buffalo runs a outside zone scheme which makes his transition to the NFL and KS's scheme an easy and perfect fit. Mostert(speed), Wilson(power), and Patterson(quickness) is a nice backfield for KS to toy with. He can be what McKinnon was supposed to be in KS's system.

(6) - (NCB) SHAUN JOLLY, App State
If he was 6'0 and up, he'll be talked about as one of the best CBs in the nation and that's no exaggeration. Very sticky in man coverage, a playmaker with great ball skills. K'Waun Williams can finally have an identical twin in playing skills as a backup who will eventually become a starter on this defense. He can play both outside and inside. Very underrated player IMO only because of his size. But he plays a lot bigger than his size, the tapes don't lie.

(7) - (iOL) KAYODE AWOSIKA, Buffalo
Buffalo had one of the best OL in the country and Awosika was the leader and the best OL of that group. His versatility on that outside zone scheme alone could help him earn a spot on the roster and even compete to start at RG. He played RG and RT last season, they moved him to LT this season and excelled in all 3 positions. But at 6'3" his best fit would be at the interior of the OL. A beast at run blocking and pretty good at PB (allowed only 3 sacks all last season and none so far this year). Very underrated player.

(7) - (WR) JAELON DARDEN, North Texas
Imma make it short and quick just like him. KS can just scheme him open and he'll take care of the rest. YAC YAC for days. Most big boards has him going as a UDFA, but I would draft him to secure his service. Could be the steal of the draft.

(OLB) Malcolm Koonce, Buffalo
(QB) Dustin Crum, Kent State
(WR) Isaiah McKoy, Kent State
(DE) Tarron Jackson, Coastal Carolina
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Looks good to me, i do think you take some liberties in free agency. Basically you have all the bad contracts either retiring or restructuring then having us sign all of the key free agents we have lol.
Really like the 1st few picks
I don't see the cap working out like you have planned, even if the restructures happen. Can't see AA and ward restructuring right after being paid, and restructuring Jimmy G means we arent dumping him next year.

Don't like the idea of relying on Alec Lindstrom to be our starting center, though I do like and believe in him as a prospect. I don't like drafting an RB3 in the 5th round, and I think Koonce gets drafted.

Now I know I'm being critical, but in actuality I do really like the majority of the draft selections
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Like the draft picks.

With Ford/Richburg retiring all of the dead money on their contract counts against the current year's salary would actually be a awful situation for SF

AA isn't even a large cap hits in 2021, his cap hit doesn't get crazy until 2022, you'd basically be making his 2022 cap stupid high to only save a little bit of cash. Don't see the point.

If you restructure Jimmy, you're making him unmovable thru 2022. I feel like if they were gonna do it they would have this yr.
Why would Jimmie and Armstead restructure? Love the picks though
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Thanks for the feedback guys. I gotta admit, I'm not a cap genius nor understands the cap as much as you guys, so yes I totally agree with you all about the cap situation. I basically named the guys I wanted to resign and my two FA signings from other teams that I wanted the Niners to sign. Maybe I'll do better research and learning about the cap next time before posting. Aloha and happy holidays my fellow Niner Faithfuls!!
Happy holidays
Tbf, while Dee and Weston do have large dead cap figures, it's still a net positive if we let em go.

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Why do people think Kyle would even want Trey Lance?
(1) - (QB) TREY LANCE, NDSU - Be a great pick if he's there but if he isn't 49ers should go CB or IOL. If IOL should be Wyatt Davis G or Creed Humphrey C
(2) - (S) TREVON MOEHRIG, TCU - Could be gone by 49ers pick in second round but there are other Safeties that may be on the board that is worth the pick i.e. Hasmah Nasirildeen, Florida State another Safety to watch for is Talanoa Hufanga in later rounds.
(3) - (CB) ISRAEL MUKUAMU, South Carolina - Great pick
(4) - (C) ALEC LINDSTROM, Boston - Great pick
(5) - (RB) JARET PATTERSON, Buffalo - Great pick at either mid or bottom round
(7) - (WR) JAELON DARDEN, North Texas - Can be a slot receiver to bring in to compete with other WRs
(DE) Tarron Jackson, Coastal Carolina - May need to pick him up in the 6th or 7th especially if he's AP 1st team All-American
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