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One day left mock 1 trade

My last mock had no trades one week out:

#13--trade out with Miami--receive #26(1st),56(2nd),70(3rd)

This gives Miami 3 1st rounders in the top 18. Not much reasoning for a trade other than they have a lot of picks and maybe covet a guy at our spot, and don't think he will fall to #18.

#26--Chaisson Edge--never too many edge guys, great value, has to fall
#31--Ruiz C/G--need here and best in the draft, good value
#56--Pittman WR--need here, big WR
#70--Winfield S--didn't research but some seem to like in here. May have to fall a bit to get here
#156--Parkinson TE--token Stanford guy
#176--Gibson RB--good athlete, challenge for backup spot
#210--K Davis DL--best suited for 3T though NE didn't used him all over the line
#217-AJ Green CB--we like bigger corners, maybe we get lucky
#245--Walker LB--had a pre draft interview
A good mock, but don't think Chiasson will drop to 26 but never know. Curious to know what your depth chart looks like with this draft? One day away!
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