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TDN Double Trade Down Mock, 2 days out

Trades- At 13 Henry Ruggs was the only top 3 WR left and I believe Jeudy, Lamb, Ruggs is their board. We trade 13 to Philly and drop to 21.

At 21 Jefferson and Reagor are gone and we decide to drop to 34 with the colts moving up

At 31 Shenault and Mims are gone and we feel 31 is to high for everyone knowing we pick at 34. So 31 goes to Miami for 56 and 70. Other picks were thrown in each trade

We end up with picks 34, 56, 70, 103, 122, 156, 168, 176, 210, 217, and 245

34- AJ Terrell CB Clemson- we like WR's throughout draft but have values assigned to each and won't reach. We'll look again at 56 and 70 depending how the board falls. All needs being considered

56- Michael Pittman WR USC- I'm lower on this guy then most but the way the board fell he makes the most sense here. Looking at his 3 cone, and shuttle times changed things for me. 6'4 and can separate in addition to big WR traits. Will look at WR again later for a smaller and shifty option

70- Davon Hamilton IDL Ohio St- I looked at him at 56 and felt like he was more likely available at 70 and he was. He's 6'4, 325 and can rotate at 1 and 3T. He'll suck up Buckner snaps leftover from our already deep DT rotation

103- Ezra Cleveland OT Boise State- I know I've read some people like him in the 1st round. I don't. But with 14 OT's considered future starters this is the pick I looked harder at the position and he was there. After addressing our 3 biggest needs in my opinion, in this range a developmental OT can be had. Cleveland is that to me.

122- Alton Robinson Edge Syracuse- wicked first step and profiles amazingly to replace what Dee Ford gives this defense when healthy. Speed rusher with comparable size. 6'3 255

156- Lynn Bowden WR Kentucky- 5 needs filled and after waiting on a wideout and knowing beefing up the offense was a priority, we look again and a target is still in the board. Easy choice here. Insurance for Taylor/Hurd injuries, Pettis bust, and Goodwin trade/release

168- Khalil Davis DT Nebraska- 4.8 quicks at 300lbs, penetrating 3T prospect. Depth and injury insurance

176- Dalton Keene TE Virginia Tech- Versatile move piece with a lot of versatility. Only 2 TE's on roster

210- Yasir Durant OT/OG Missouri- Big man at 6'7 330. Projected to move from tackle to guard but potential at both. Depth, upside

217- Trevis Gipson Edge Tulsa- Developmental edge. Throwing darts at the board. We have 55 man rosters and extra game day spots this year. Doubling on some needs with extra picks and thinking about practice squads.

245- Patrick Taylor Jr RB Memphis- after this draft 5 RBs from Memphis team 3 years ago will be in the nfl. Taylor played some WR as well. He's a big shifty back. An eye toward the future with Brieda, Coleman and Mckinnon with 1 year on contracts.

It's alot of picks and debatable some of these guys will be there where selected. All I'll say is I've done 1000's of simulations and seen 10000000's of combinations. This was one I wanted to share!!!!! T minus 2 days to the draft
Looks like a baalke draft.

All that trading for perceived value and end up missing on game changers.

In 3 years we will all look back and say we didn't have a good draft because all we drafted was backups and scrubs.

I'd be pissed if we went that route.
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