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Crash final mock

yoroshiku onegaishimasu

13. Ruggs, WR Alabama
WR group: X Ruggs, Bourne, Hurd Y. Deebo, Ruggs Z Ruggs
31. Jonathan Taylor, RB Wisconsin
RB group: Mostert on 3rd downs, Taylor and Coleman on 1st and 2nd downs

day 2
trade Pettis for a shot at Curtis Weaver, DE Boise State
DL group:
running plays: Weaver, Armstead, DJ Jones, Bosa
passing plays: Ford, Armstead, DJ Jones, Bosa

day 3
end of round 4: trade Mullens for Tyler Biadasz C/G Wisconsin

Here's my OL:
with Staley: Staley, Tomlinson, Richburg, Brunskill, McGlinchey
w/o Staley: (Brunskill/Coleman/Skule), Tomlinson, Richburg, Biadasz, McGlinchey

end of round 4: trade Breida and a 5th round pick for Michael Ojemudia CB Iowa

round 5: Benito Jones DT, Mississippi State
round 5 late: traded away

round 6: trade 6, 7, and 7 for a pick in the 6th for Jake Luton QB, Oregon State
Its just that time to start keeping on drafting QB's to get ready for the future and to compete with CJ Beathard. Beathard's rookie deal is up next year.
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There's no way we can go into the season with anyone we have besides staley as a starting tackle. No one is good enough. and what are we doing drafting a running back that early
If you reread my mock I have contingencies for a lineup with Staley and a lineup without Staley.
As for running back, all of them except Mostert have a one year contract. Mostert and McKinnon are almost 30. Breida is in the doghouse. Coleman, at 26 years old and knowing the Shanahan offense, is the only one worth saving along with Mostert playing 3rd downs as he was the most effective. Then next year we have a young running back for the next 4 years.
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