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808's First Mock w/trades

Trade #1:
#13 to Denver(moved up 2 spots for one of the top 3 WRs left). Received #15 and #83

Trade #2:
#15(from Denver) & #217 to Miami(moved up 3 spots to pick a top OT to protect Tua after spending the 5th overall on him). Received #18 & #70

Trade #3:
#31 to Chargers(didn't get either Tua or Herbert so they traded up for Love and 5th year option). Received #37 & #112

Niners Draft Picks:

Rd1.(#18) K'Lavon Chaisson (EDGE) LSU
Not the most popular pick but he's quietly having an Aldon Smith type of draft process. No one is really talking about him but he'll come in and destroy the NFL like Aldon Smith did. He can play the exact same role Aldon did as a rookie as a rotational pass rusher. A lot will disagree with this pick but it makes perfect sense to me. D.Ford's knee might be an issue but Chaisson should help shoulder some of Ford's load and keep both pass rushers healthy and fresh throughout the season. Should also help out Bosa sparing him a few snaps a game and should make our pass rush defense elite in depth also. Imagine the ones and twos being elite at getting to the QB, no OL would wanna play us. Can never have enough pass rushers. This is like having a young Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware on the field the year Denver won the SB. (D.Ford's insurance and/or future replacement)

Rd2.(#37) Justin Jefferson (WR) LSU
Back to back LSU guys, lol. KS gets a WR that can be his #1. Checks every box in a KS type of WR. Would considered D.Mims here also but I feel like JJ is a little more advanced by a hair. Whoever's available between these 2 should be a good pick. (Replaced E.Sanders roster spot)

Rd3a.(#70) Bryce Hall (CB) Virginia
Perfect fit for Saleh's defense that had a late 1st high 2nd round grade until he got hurt. A perfect zone cover CB that loves and not afraid to tackle. (Sherman's future replacement)

Rd3b.(#83) Tyler Biadasz (iOL) Wisconsin
Not sure what happened to his draft hype. He was considered as one of the top C's in the country and a 1st round talent then every media started hyping up Ruiz and Cushenberry and rightfully so, but it pushed this stud player down the draft. (Upgrade at RG over Person)

Rd4.(#112) Raekwon Davis (DL) Alabama
He shined when played with a great DL at Alabama. His production dropped when those guys moved on to the NFL and he was facing doubles all year. But, guess what we have? A great DL. He should fit well and be stud up the middle. (Replaced D.Buckner's roster spot)

Rd5a.(#156) Antonio Gibson (RB/WR) Memphis
A KS type of player. He can be used as a weapon all over the field, he can line up anywhere and make plays. He also have the speed to take the top off of defenses. (Swiss army knife)

Rd5b.(#176) Alex Highsmith (DE) Charlotte
Can never have enough pass rushers. His first step is very explosive. Use varieties of pass rush moves to get home quick. Although he was going against weak competition, he had a great game against one of the best in the country against Clemson. (Depth, Blair is on a 1 yr contract)

Rd6.(#210) Devin Asiasi (TE) UCLA
His ceiling is high. Has the will to block and an underrated route runner and a pass catcher. Compete with Taumoepeau for 3rd and 4th TE spot. (Replaced Toilolo's roster spot)

Rd7.(#245) Charlie Taumoepeau (FB/TE) Oregon State
Juice needs a true backup that can contribute on STs and as a backup TE. Mold him into one in case something happens to Juice(knock on wood). KS carried 4 TEs last season, Taumoepeau can be that 4th TE that contributes on STs and a true backup to Juice. (Replaced Celek's roster spot)
Nice draft....feel like we need an OT in there somewhere or we go into the season with Skule and Coleman as our backups. That's if Brunskill is put a RG.
Not bad, but no way Jefferson is available at 37, probably not even at 27.
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Like your trades. Mims might be available at #37, but not Jefferson, he's going in RD1. Bryce Hall probably goes mid-late RD2, he would be my pick as well.
Biadasz is dropping due to medical issues with hip and knee, would rather have at OC either Hennessy there or Ismael in RD5.
I like Raekwon Davis as well, I would take him in RD3, doubt he lasts until RD4. Like Highsmith, but would prefer Kenny Willekes Mich. St. Edge with this pick.
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Originally posted by Rathof44:
Not bad, but no way Jefferson is available at 37, probably not even at 27.

+1. Chaisson (ATL or team trade up), Jefferson (1st), Biadasz (2nd), Davis (3rd), and Gibson (3rd-4th) will most likely be off the board when we select.

HOWEVER...if this is how the draft does pan out, I'd be pretty happy. Not sure if we would need Highsmith - i'd look to take a TE earlier than the 7th round. We only have 3 TEs on the roster, which makes me think we'll draft it late day 2 or early day 3.
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I'm not a huge fan of any defensive line pick in the first round. Tackle is a way bigger need than center. And you didn't get a tackle at all
Thanks for the feedback guys. I didn't pick up a OT because the offense did pretty decent with Brunskill and Skule to a lower extent when Staley went down last year. We also have Shon Coleman who I thought was a pretty good swing OT before he went down to. Staley should be back for at least one more year IMO, if not he wouldn't have signed an extension last year. Not a huge fan of drafting players and then move them around and out of the position they made it to the NFL like we did with Solly and Ward for their first 3 seasons and T.Moore in his 1st season. If it was a C moving to G then the transition would be a lot easier than OT moving inside. Just my opinion
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