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Phoenix49ers Mock Draft v1.0

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Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Originally posted by GEEK:
Overall, nicely done. I like the drafts, and my last mock is also going to have a SF-MIA trade for the Dolphins to leapfrog the Bucs for OT.

Aiyuk is a solid replacement for Sanders. I am not concerned about him not being there, and would also entertain a trade back to a team that want a 5th year option for a premium position (e..g QB, EDGE). Hennessy is a good value selection and excellent scheme fit.

The main head scratchers for me are YGM and Agim. I get it if we are planning on cutting Ford loose in 1-2 seasons, but glaring needs at other positions make me think we can match BPA and need at #22. And for we really want/need a replacement for K. Street? I rather get a pure DT than another hybrid because we need to address our interior run defense. We are dangerously thin at pure DTs.

Street has played in a grand total of three games thus far. There's a real possibility that they've landed themselves another Tank Carradine. You can't give up an All Pro in DeForest Buckner and then stand pat with a bunch of unproven guys who have thus far resembled career backups or haven't been healthy enough to play period. You also have upcoming free agents with DJ Jones and there's no chance that the 49ers take on the fifth year option for Thomas either.

We saw what happened last year when Ford was out and teams had a much easier time neutralizing Bosa. Now take away Buckner and you could see the pass rush almost completely vanish altogether if Ford isn't healthy. I think an edge rusher and a true penetrating 3T are vital necessities. They made it to the SB because of their pass rush and their ability to run the football, you have to maintain those advantages or hope that Garoppolo somehow turns into Dan Marino.

Fair points, but I would still push for a pure DT vs. hybrid DE/DT because we haven't had the best success at having those players pan out.
Originally posted by GEEK:
Fair points, but I would still push for a pure DT vs. hybrid DE/DT because we haven't had the best success at having those players pan out.

Who is arguing for a hybrid? This scheme has a preference for smaller, more explosive interior players period. This isn't a defense where you need 330lb DTs. The ideal interior DL is a guy that is 300-310lbs with outstanding agility.

I'm not pushing for Agim because I want him playing two positions but rather because he has the skillset and physical attributes to be a very good DT in this scheme.
Originally posted by Wolf_Packer_53:
I like this draft with the exception of Yetur Gross-Matos. Tremendous run defender, leaves a lot to be desired w/ regards to his pass rush imo.

Me too. We need another player at that pick and we are golden. A corner would do nicely
Originally posted by elguapo:
Me too. We need another player at that pick and we are golden. A corner would do nicely

Who is your backup option once Ford is inevitably hurt again and the pass rush drops off a cliff? They had no solution to that this past season and had to keep signing guys off the street. YGM gives you someone to play a ton of snaps as a rookie but also someone you can develop into a future starter and replacement for Ford because I think quite frankly, everyone knows that knee is a ticking time bomb and without the pass rush, this team doesn't get to the SB last season.
Nice draft Phoenix. A different take than many on the board. I 100% agree with you on the need to solidify the edge rusher position and build depth there. I am curious what you think about K'Lavon Chaisson's potential as an edge rusher, and how you would compare him to Yetur Gross-Matos. I prefer Chaisson due his athletic ability and quickness. I know he isn't the biggest, but I love his potential a year or two from now, after learning from Ford and Bosa.
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Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
While I normally try to avoid trades, I can't help but feel like some are coming this year so here's my best shot at coming up with a few including players that I think will fill vital needs, short and long term.

Round 1-Pick 13-49ers trade down with the Miami Dolphins, picking up Miami's pick #18 and pick #70 in the 3rd round. Miami moves up to take one of the last of the remaining top tackles on the board in Wirfs or Becton.

Round 1-Pick 18-49ers trade down with the Minnesota Vikings, picking up Minnesota's pick #22 and their comp pick in the late 3rd, Pick #105. Minnesota jumps up to solidify their top WR choice in Justin Jefferson ahead of the WR hungry Eagles. A duo of Jefferson and Thielen gives the Vikings a versatile duo of pass catchers that can win in all areas of the field.

Round 1-Pick 22-Yetur Gross-Matos-DE-Penn. I can already hear some people groaning but YGM is solid value at this point in the draft and would help to fortify a strength from last season. The 49ers made it to the playoffs and the SB largely on the backs of their pass rush and run game. Gross-Matos is a move towards locking in that advantage long term. Not only would he give Kocurek, who loves a deep rotation, outstanding depth at edge rusher but now you have both Ford insurance and his long term replacement in-house. You could even run all three out on the field at the same time on passing downs, putting either Bosa or YGM at 3T to throw offenses a different look. While he's not the lightning quick edge that some may be looking for YGM gives you a true three down DE that can thrive against the run and against the pass. Having him work with Bosa in upgrading his pass rush arsenal could help in fully unlocking his potential Snatching him up also deprives Seattle of what is widely considered to be their more likely choice to fill up their pass rush woes.

Round 1 Pick 31-Brandon Aiyuk-WR-ASU. Better prospect than Harry was last year and a natural fit for this offense. There's a good chance that Aiyuk is gone by this point but if he's still on the board, he makes all the sense in the world for the 49ers. He'd be a nice complement to Deebo and Kittle, another threat that can win quickly and create huge plays through his ability to pick up yards after the catch. I don't see that much separating him and many of the receivers that came before him. He wouldn't have pressure on him to deliver as a #1 WR and Shanahan could run some of the same packages for Aiyuk as he's done for Deebo. If Taylor and Hurd can return to health, 49ers should be set at WR for years to come.

Round 3-Pick 70-Matt Hennessy-C-Temple. Perfect fit as a zone blocking center. Athleticism, outstanding football IQ and instincts, he's what you're looking for in this offense. Hennessy instantly provides valuable depth and could challenge as a potential starter at guard. The long term solution at center as an eventual replacement for Richburg. Has been in leadership positions going back to his early days in high school.

Round 3-Pick 105-McTelvin Agim-DT-Arkansas. Provides a replacement for Buckner, at least on passing downs. Akim spent most of his time in college at DE so he's still a work in progress but he comes with very good athleticism, an explosive first step, and a nonstop motor to develop into a solid penetrating 3T. He was really the only defensive player of note for the Razorbacks so he drew a ton of attention from opposing offenses and still managed to make plays consistently. Well regarded for his leadership ability and was chosen as a team captain.

Round 5-Pick 156-Dane Jackson-CB-Pitt. He is someone that has grown on me. He's a confident, hard-nosed player who isn't shy about mixing it up with bigger receivers, was highly productive throughout his college career and is a very good overall fit for a Cover 3 scheme. Doesn't have jaw-dropping athleticism but plays a smart and tough brand of football. Was a permanent team captain.

Round 5-Pick 176-J.R. Reed-SS-Georgia Son of former NFL WR Jake Reed. Potential replacement for Marcel Harris. Experienced college starter and team captain. Won't dazzle physically or athletically but is smart, plays disciplined and can also contribute on special teams.

Round 6-Pick 210-Josiah Deguara-TE/FB-Cincinnati. Can provide depth at talent as well as insurance for Juice. An able and willing blocker at TE, Deguara is a well rounded prospect, an intense competitor and a team captain, he could contribute instantly on special teams and as a #3 TE.

Round 7-Pick 217-Kyle Hinton-OG-Washburn. Small school lineman who has had a very good offseason. He's someone that the 49ers have shown interest in and has the athleticism and football IQ to work as a lineman in this scheme. At this point in the draft, he's worth a shot, either as a developmental prospect that works his way onto the roster or a guy to continue working with on the practice squad.

Round 7-Pick 245-Aaron Parker-WR-Rhode Island. One of two well regarded WR prospects from Rhode Island this year. Parker has the size, physicality and agility to work well in this offense as a big slot receiver. He's an eager run blocker and a capable redzone threat. Another team captain.

Like your picks of Aiyuk, Hennessy, Agim and Parker, plus always can't have enough team captains on your team.
Every mock simulation I do I try to trade down. I like the results from trading down a few spots at 13 and 31 but if I trade down twice seems the players are not the right fit or need. Just an observation
i think if we trade pick 13 it has to only be if its for a haul. we traded a team leader an possibly our best DLmen for that pick.
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Are you 100% positive that first pick is better than Jones Solomon Thomas or Blair? I'm not and if he's not that was a waste of a first pick
Some people might laugh, but the JR Reed pick was by far my favorite. Was one of the best DBs in the SEC for the last few years, but never got any recognition. Richard Lecounte and Reed were an outstanding duo.

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