Good game also Faithful, and I thank your team for their crap, I needed it after what you did Week 12. I hope you won't take it too hard that your Amish got beaten by an Englisher, albeit one who is a native San Franciscan born in the same year as the 49ers- ah the stories I could tell of the early days of the franchise and of Kezar - but I won't as I can't remember anything in my senile state. Lucky there are computers so I can remember who my fantasy team members are. Good luck and happy holidays to you and everyone in the fantasy pool, and thanks again to all for you for your help during the season in losing to such an unworthy winner. Best of luck in the pool next year- I will try to stick around until then and may even get out there to the homeland next summer as I do have both my eldest and youngest boys there on the peninsula with Google and YouTube. Cheers, Bill