I am in a 16-team, 30 Keeper Dynasty League and we are about to have our initial startup draft and I have the 16th pick. I got a trade offer for picks:

I get- 2014 1st Round Pick (12th Overall)

I give- 2014 4th Round Pick (49th Overall), 2014 6th Round (81st Overall), 2014 8th Round (113th Overall), and 9th Round (144th Overall)

This is my first startup Dynasty draft so I was just wondering what others with more experience thought about this trade. Obviously, I would love to get 3 of the top 17 picks in the Draft, but I'm just afraid that I'm giving up too much in the later rounds.

If I did this trade, I would make a few more moves so I could gain some of those picks back.

So if anyone has any thoughts or advice to a dynasty newbie, I would appreciate it.