Budget was $260 (i know my team is over, i've made trades). 6 Keepers allowed, FAs cost $3 to keep. 200 Start max. I have the following trade options available to me:

Zimmerman/Salazar/Rendon for Gerrit Cole/Matt Cain
Zimmerman for Cole
Zimmerman for Cain

Zimmerman is available because I have Longoria and even though I could put him in at UTIL instead of Belt, he has more trade value than belt, without TOO huge of a drop off. Anyway, which trade, if any, would you make and why? I'm pretty big on stats and evidence so I'd love some reasoning. Cain was bad last year, but sensational the prior 4 years. Cole was also good, but only over about half a season. Cole has a better GB rate than Cain and they both pitch in great pitchers parks. Salazar was also sensational last year, but over an even shorter period, and his FB rate is higher than the other 2 and in a worse park, but damn he was good last year.

My Team:

C Buster Posey $25
1b Jose Abreu $17
2b Martin Prado $6
ss Elvis Andrus $16
3b Evan Longoria $31
of Yasiel Puig $32
of Giancarlo Stanton $30
of Adam Eaton $1
util David Ortiz $23
util Brandon Belt $6

Ryan Zimmerman $14
Anthony Rendon $3
Leonys Martin $2

Max Scherzer $25
Greg Holland $14
Koji Uehara $9
Andrew Cashner $7
Danny Salazar $10
Carlos Martinez $2
Jonathan Papelbon (FA)
Josh Johnson (FA)
Yordano Ventura (FA)
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