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Evaluate the trade I just made

Evaluate the trade I just made

I traded K. Moreno + P. Harvin + J. Cook for Vernon Davis

I know homerism is a path that usually leads to a sub.500 season but I couldn't resist. My RBs are pretty set with D. Martin, E. Lacy + J Franklin, and B. Powell (whom I think is being way undervalued across fantasy football). My WRs are stacked with Cruz, Julio, and Jordy Nelson. Cook I see as kind of a one hit wonder in week 1 and needed TE improvement. My QB is Kaep, so I doubled down on the Kaep-VD connection for the rest of the year, thinking VD will be a focal point moving forward.

Stupid or Brilliant?

You didnt give up much. Wouldnt call it stupid or brilliant but its a good deal for you.
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lol percy harvin
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