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Your busts and steals of the draft this year

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Since the season is almost over post your biggest busts and best steals of your fantasy football draft from this season

Here are mine from 2 different leagues

Percy harvin 5th round.. when he was healthy he was a fantasy stud
Peyton Manning 6th round

Darren McFadden (2nd round)
Trent Richardson (3rd round in 2 leagues)
Vernon Davis (4th round in 2 leagues) I thought he was gonna have a monster year. He only has 500 yards and 5 TDs on the season
in like 5 leagues but i'd say my biggest draft steals were

Doug Martin
Stevan Ridley


Fred Jackson
Jimmy Graham (still a good TE but over drafted since he hasn't dominated like last season)
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Shonne Green, 6th round but still.......
Phillip Rivers.
Robert Meachem.


Jordy Nelson
Desean Jackson
Ryan Broyles
Demarco Murray
1st place in all 3 leagues

Doug Martin
Frank Gore in 3rd round
D. Thomas/V. Cruz/B. Marshall on one team

Fred Jackson (Thank goodness for Martin)
Darren Sproles
These are steals on the same team...

Percy in the 6th
Peyton in 7th
RG3 in 8th
CJ Spiller 10th
Steal for sure for me was Alfred Morris. Got him in the last round in most of my leagues... 1000 yard rusher.
Originally posted by socalfan21:
Steal for sure for me was Alfred Morris. Got him in the last round in most of my leagues... 1000 yard rusher.


Busts - Cam (until recent... but I'm not in the playoffs, so its irrelevant. He was my keeper)
Andre Johnson was poor for me most of the year... my first pick. 9th in the draft (first round, but everyone had a keeper, so kinda 2nd round)
Vick - Antonio Brown - Fred Davis in 5th 6th and 7th picks
2nd to last pick, I was going for a Redskins RB.. just guessed and chose Evan Royster... Morris was still there

5 of my 15 picks are still on my team...
Made the playoffs in 6 of 7 leagues.

Drafted C.J. Spiller in most of my leagues for extremely good value, several rounds after Fred Jackson came off.
Drafted Peyton in most leagues, typically as the 8th-9th-10th QB off of the board.
Drafted RGIII/Luck late as my rookie QB combo in 1 league, definitely paid off.
Drafted Alfred Morris also as my last RB.
Drafted Stevan Ridley as a 3rd RB in 2 leagues

Run DMC as my first pick, 10th overall in a 10 team league.
Ryan Mathews in 2 leagues. HUGE disappointment.

The biggest bust? Having a Tony Romo/Vincent Jackson/Andre Johnson/CJ Spiller/LeSean McCoy/Jamaal Charles PPR squad MISS the 6 team playoffs in a 14 team league because I had the most fantasy points rain down on me. Such bad luck.
Busts - Fitz in the 1st, Wallace in the 3rd,
Steal - AP in the 2nd, Peyton in the 4th, Gore in the 5th

Busts - Lloyd in the 4th, Kevin Smith in the 9th,
Steal - AP in the 3rd

Busts - Best in the 5th
Steal - Julio in the 4th, RG3 in the 7th,

Bust - Jimmy Graham at 9th overall
Steal - Decker at 89th overall, Luck at 112th overall


Victor Cruz (3rd)
Demaryius Thomas (5th)
Peyton Manning (10th)


Antonio Gates (4th)

I expected a big year from Gates with Vincent Jackson no longer there to be stealing catches and red zone targets but I was wrong. I also took Cam Newton in the second and although hes not having a terrible season, hes defiantely not built upon last years success.

I also took Chris Johnson in the first round whom started out a big bust but has rebounded mostly the last 6 weeks or so overall.
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AJ Green (3rd round)
Andy Dalton (11th round)
Demaryius Thomas (6th round)
Vincent Jackson (7th round)

Matt Stafford (2nd round)
MJD (1st) but I ended up trading him a week before he came back for a 1st round pick next year, Big Ben, and Willis Mcgahee.
Steals: Andrew Luck in the 9th round, Percy Harvin in the 5th (before he got hurt of course )

Busts: Ray Rice #2 overall, Stafford in the second.
49er Defense/ST-Round 8
Vincent Jackson-Round 10

Greg Jennings-Round 2

With the selection of Aaron Rodgers in the 1st round and Jennings in the second, I thought we were going to torch the league this year. We're still in the Championship game, but it's clear that Jennings didn't get us there...
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all yall need to upgrade to auction draft....

$225 Budget

Matt Ryan $13
Lance Moore $2
Brandon Marshall $33 (should be a $45-55)
Randall Cobb $1

Roy Helu $11
Fred Jackson $28
Randy Moss $3
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