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Mendenhall or Sproles????

Im in a ppr league, who should I start?

Mendenhall vs. Patriots

Sproles vs. Rams
Sproles against that sorry Rams run D.

but I'm just hating Medenhall right now. Dude's been garbage
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^^ i'm with weezy

rams defense is bad and their rush defense is even worse. the steelers will attack the pats through the air
Yep. Has to be Sproles in PPR
You can't say no to Sproles, especially since Ingram is probably out.
Sproles. In fact I'll say in PPR Sproles is an auto start until further notice.
I would start Sproles, no doubt. Especially if Ingram is out.

In fact, if Ingram is out, I'd probably start Pierre Thomas over Mendenhall.

Yeah, I said it.
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