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FF research and strategy.

So this is my fourth year playing FF (same league) and for the last three years I've finished in the middle of the pack. My prep is probably pretty typical. I read the "experts" rankings on a few different web sites. I even buy one of those magazines, although the info in them is partially dated, I find that paging through them helps me organize my draft board. I make up my draft board and develop a pre draft strategy. I always give extra weight to stud WRs and RBs who catch since I'm in a PPR league. One year I went TE pretty early since I was convinced there were only 3-4 worth having before there was a HUGE drop off. (that didn't work for me - Thanks Jason Witten!) Last year I made sure I grabbed 4 of the top 25 backs since I was decided that finding productive FA RBs during the season was more difficult than the other positions. Whatever my strategy I always try to bear in mind I must be nimble come draft time and be ready to adapt to the flow of the draft.

So I start this thread asking: How do you prepare for your FF draft? Do you have certain sources for research that you swear by? How do you organize your board? (I tend to put them in informal tears) How do you go about staying organized during the draft. Do you have certain strategies you live by? If there's a run on WR's do you like to go against the grain and start grabbing RB's and QB's or do you reach for a WR knowing if you don't get one now you'll be left with the scraps. Do you like to go QB early or late (probably depend on your league) ? Stuff like that.

Just thought a discussion about different approaches to the draft might be helpful before going into this season.
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money leagues I tend to get more into and prepare by looking up ADP then writing down the players being drafted around my spots for the 1st 8 rounds. Then I formulate different combinations from all of those players to see what approach I like best. This year i'm stuck on 4 combos and not sure how I want to approach it. The best part about having all of these combos(scenarios) is when a player you have targeted gets drafted right before you, instead of winging you simply go to your next combo that allows you to take the BPA for YOUR strategy.

Case in point I'm torn between series of combinations taking a QB in the first, 14 team league, (vick or Rodgers) taking a QB in the second, (Brady, Rivers or Brees) waiting til the 4th-5th for Ben or waiting til 8th-9th and take a couple QB's back to back.

But either way i'm prepared to go either route shall something come up and someone slips.

EDIT: I understand no draft is the same and the ADP is not concrete, but gives me a guide of what to expect.
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