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Which Waiver Pickup is Best?

Which Waiver Pickup is Best?

I'm in first place in a 12 team non PPR league. That's great, but it means I keep missing out on the best free agents (Knox, Green-Ellis, Braylon) because my waiver priority sucks. So now I have to pick from the left overs. I want to replace Chester Taylor because I don't think he does anything for me. Forte is clearly the receiving RB Martz was looking for and so Taylor is pretty much worthless.

Here's my squad right now:

QB - Eli Manning
WR - Calvin Johnson, Mike Wallace, Louis Murphy
RB - Gore, Foster
FLEX - Jamaal Charles
TE - Jermichael Finley
K - Gould
D - Philly
BN - Sims-Walker, Gaffney, Maroney, Chester Taylor, Reggie Bush, Matt Hasselbeck

I think picking up a RB would make the most sense, but a WR would be okay too.

Smith could get some more action if Best stays out with his toe injury. Blount seems like he might take over as the main guy in TB. And Felix Jones is certainly the highest rated, if not the most productive.

What do you guys think? Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks for the help.
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Felix. It's a long season.
Yeah I guess Felix makes a lot of sense.

I picked up Blount already because he was available and Felix was hadn't cleared waivers. Now Felix has cleared waivers and I have to decide who to drop to pick him up. Which guy would you let go:

Reggie Bush - similar guy FF-wise to Felix, but injured
Blount - hasn't really done anything yet, but reports are positive and he is a beast
Sims- Walker - I'm starting to wonder if he's ever going to produce this year
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