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K. Warner or T. Edwards?

I'm new to fantasy football, so i need some help pls...

Warner or Edwards at QB this week?
(i kno warner is playing an early morning away game, with boldin still slow with injuries, and breaston most likely out a second week in a row.....)

also, who should i start outta these recievers? (i have them numbered the way i have them on my depth chart this week)

1)R. Moss
2)B. Berrian
3)J. Gage
P. harvin
D. Driver
I would still start Warner and I'd also start Driver at home
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I say Warner has bigger upside could go off for a big day.
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I like Warner to have a nice bounce back game, I'd start him.

For your #3 WR, I would go with Driver. Gage is somewhat tempting because he and Collins have a nice connection working so far, but Driver seems the best bet @ home vs. Cincy.
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