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Super noob question

Just got into a no custom, pretty basic ESPN league with 9 of my buddies, the draft is today.
ive been doing fantasy for like 3 years now, mostly on cbs and yahoo, but as im getting really into it and looking at player projections etc, i have been noticing PPR and non PPR and sh*t, and to be honest i have no idea what the difference in scoring is. Does anyone know what the basic ESPN scoring is, and could someone give me a quick rundown of what the difference is so i can make a few picks accordingly later today???

thanks in advice, sorry for the rookieness
PPR is Ponts Per Reception.

In this format, RB's that tend to catch the ball alot out of the backfield, and WR's get drafted early and often.
thats what i thought, but idont think that just says 1 point for every 10 yards and 6 for touchdown...
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