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10 team Yahoo! league.
QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, W/R, TE, K, DEF, B, B, B, B, B, B
Standard Scoring Settings, 6 points for TD passes instead of 4

Rd. 1, pick 1) Adrian Peterson RB MIN- Guy who should put up the most points.

Rd. 2, pick 10) Ronnie Brown RB MIA- Fully recovered and always a threat to score.

Rd. 3, pick 1) Greg Jennings WR GB- Sees alot of redzone looks and can put up 1500 yards easy, 4th highest rated WR on my board

Rd. 4, pick 10) Tony Romo QB DAL- Hate this guy but he was the BPA. Hoping that not having TO around will improve his game and he syncs up with roy williams.

Rd. 5, pick 1) TJ Housh WR SEA- Will get the lions share of hasselbecks looks, especially if branch or burlson go down, which is inevitable.

Rd. 6, pick 10) Greg Olsen TE CHI- Have him rated very highly, rapidly developing, cutlers best target. should put up pro bowl numbers.

Rd. 7, pick 1) Derrick Ward RB TB- My pick for this years mike turner. TBs qbs are bad, they have no wr depth, and kw2 is injury prone. He will get the rock constantly.

Rd 8, pick 10) Knowshon Moreno RB DEN- Expecting big numbers from the rookie. Brutal runner behind a great Oline. If DEN platoons, he was only a 8 pick anyway.

Rd 9, pick 1) Philadelphia D/ST- concerned with loss of their DC and brian dawkins, but theyre blitz happy and have playmakers at CB so all should be good.

Rd. 10, pick 10) Ted Ginn Jr. WR MIA- Third year is typically breakout for WRs, ginn is a burner and has potential. I have faith this pick pans out.

Rd. 11, pick 1) Kyle Orton QB DEN- Pure backup. Have him picked as a sleeper. You really have to try hard not to put up hgood numbers with that Oline and those WRs.

Rd. 12, pick 10) Kevin Boss TE NYG- Another backup with high upside. Developing Eli's trust, should see lots of redzone looks w/o plaxico around.

Rd. 13, pick 1) Josh Morgan WR SF- My boy and yours, Mr. breakout player

Rd. 14, pick 10) San Francisco D/ST- Highly underated. Plug in for PHI's week 4 bye when we have the rams at home.

Rd. 15, pick 1) Garrett Hartley K NO- Extremely accurate when he stepped in at the end of last season. Expecting that to continue plus a ton of PATs.
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