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Auction League Questions

Alright, so me and some friends have been doing our fantasy league for 5+ years. We've gotten tired of it, too much luck involved with what position you are put in drafting.

So we are deciding on an Auction League so that every player is 100% in control of the team they get. We aren't sure where to salary cap it yet, we are thinking maybe $50 for the first year. But anyways, who has done an auction league?

Any tips how to run an Auction League or an Auction team? Any experience/tips appreciated.

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Well my league is a dynasty league. So roster size may be bigger than you'll be doing. We have an 18 player minimum. A 22 player maximum. We started our cap out at $100. That didn't seem like enough. Raise it to $125 in year 2. In year 3 raised it to $135 and it's been there ever since. Seems perect for our league.

If you're doing a traditional 15-16 man rosters i'd suggest $125. $50 won't nearly be enough.

This is the kind of prices you can expect. (numbers will be skewed because our rookies are only $2) ** indicates guys still on rookie contracts

14 players signed
33 years 22
$101.00 in salary $34.00 left

Brees $20/2yrs

Steven Jackson $31/3yrs
Lendale Whte $2/1 yrs**
Steve Slaton $2/3yrs **
Mike Goodson $2/4yrs**

Larry Fitzgerald $21/3yrs
isaac Bruce $1/1yr
brandon tate $2/4yrs **
Anthony Gonzalez $2/2yrs**
Santana Moss $9/2yrs

Kevin Boss $5/??yrs
Anthony Fasano $1/2yrs

Rian Lindell $1/??yrs

Seattle $2/??yrs

Auction leagues are 1,000 x funner in my opinion. Especially doing a dynasty because you A: have to build for the future as well as the present. B: From May until August we're bidding which makes the offseason go by faster

Only advice I have for running a team. Save you some money until the very very end. There are always bargains to be had after everyone else runs out of money. Then again mines is a dynasty league. So the bargain may not help us in year 1. But will eventually. either way save some money.
^^^thinks for the tips. Were going to the Giants game this Friday and are going to hammer out some more details on what we are going to do.

Thats pretty cool that you guys have like contracts going.

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