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Need help (Fantasy Football Keeper League)

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Originally posted by krizay:
Originally posted by jrg:
I have a feeling I'm still gonna be able to draft Breaston or Royal.

Draft is today and my keepers are:

Frank Gore (6 points)
Marques Colston (3 points)
Eli Manning (1 point)

Yea you maybe able to draft them but not in the round you'd have to give up. Which is what the last round? Eli Manning is a backup QB in FF. You can get similar production in the same round you'd have to give up to keep Eli.

keeping him over those 2 guys just isn't a good value (i hate that word) move. Seriously think about this. Are you going to be able to draft Eddie Royal in the last round of your draft? You have a 0% chance of that happening. Can you get Eli Manning in the 11th rond of your draft? There's a 50% chance that you can.

Eli's avaerage Draft position. 9.09
Eddie Royal's average draft position 6.06

Steve Breaston 9.03

You have a point there. I'm just trying to look at the value of the position..theres gonna be tons of receivers come out of nowhere. Like for example, did you expect those years out of Royal OR Breaston last year? Theres so many receivers out there and only maybe 20 or so descent QB's. For some reason though, I see Eli having an above average year (for his standards)
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Just finished my draft
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