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Sunday, April 1, 2007
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York looks to turn over control of 49ers to son
The Sacramento Tribune Online
Updated: 04/01/2007 6:14 AM PST

San Francisco, CA - During a one-on-one interview with San Francisco 49ers owner Dr. John York on Saturday, Tribune writer Alex Rotfler was told that York has every intention of turning control of the team over to his son at the completion of the 2007 season. Jed York, who just turned 26, has been very involved with the 49ers' new stadium project and has been the most readily available member of the team when it comes to talking to the media. York has been less and less involved with the day-to-day decisions regarding the team and has cited the stress of the stadium project and his overall negative image among the fans, which has been slowly improving, as the reasons for his decision. York recently underwent a physical with team doctor Michael Dillingham and was alarmed to find out that he had gained 20 pounds over the past year. "It is no longer a matter of when," said York, "I simply cannot put my health at risk any further."

While Jed York is young, he is eager to take control of the team that he is so passionate about. When asked about his social life, Jed said, "I don't really have time for a special relationship right now...It's not a romantic thing when somebody asks you what you're looking for and it's a sixth Super Bowl ring and a new stadium."

Team to wear all gold jerseys for home opener

According to sources working with NFL Marks, the subsidiary of the NFL that is responsible for team trademarks, the 49ers will have a new look when they open the season in front of a national audience on Monday Night Football. Interested in increasing merchandise revenue, the team will be releasing a new alternate uniform. While still unseen by the public, the alternate uniform is said to include all gold jerseys and shoes to go with the team's current gold/mustard pants and gold helmet. It is unknown how many other times the alternate jersey will be worn during the upcoming season. The jersey will be shown to the public sometime after the NFL Draft.

DeBartolo looks to return to the NFL

Former 49ers owner, Eddie DeBartolo Jr., is looking to return to the NFL. He has met with Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis at least twice during the past month and was seen in Phoenix, Arizona during the NFL owners' meetings. While he claims he was there for discussions to bring an NFL team to Los Angeles, he never spoke in front of the owners or to league officials. Exiled from the NFL, the league may allow DeBartolo to return if he could move a team, possibly the Raiders, back to Los Angeles.

Rice offers services to Seahawks

Future Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice looks to be making an NFL comeback, but not as a player. Rice has offered to become an assistant on the Seattle Seahawks staff and help coach the team's wide receivers. While he considered a return in some capacity to San Francisco, it is felt that the receiver has fallen out of favor with his former team after he publicly bashed the team and ownership in his new book, Go Long!

This April Fools story has been brought to you by 49erswebzone.com and 49ersparadise.com. If you have read this far, you probably already figured that out.

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