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Saturday, April 1, 2006
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Packers agree to send Javon Walker to San Francisco
The Sacramento Tribune Online
Updated: 04/01/2006 5:44 AM PST

Green Bay, WI — Sacramento Tribune beat writer Alex Rotfler received word from inside the Green Bay Packers organization that the team has agreed in principle to send disgruntled wide receiver Javon Walker to San Francisco.

The 49ers will receive an instant starter to compliment Antonio Bryant, a recently signed free agent. The Packers will receive San Francisco’s 2nd round pick (37th overall) in April’s draft. The 49ers were willing to offer more than other interested teams including the Denver Broncos and Philadelphia Eagles.

When asked about the trade, Packers General Manager Ted Thompson said, “We really wanted to keep [Javon Walker] with the team. We feel that he has great potential. However, his unwillingness to cooperate forced us to look at our options.” He went on to say, “Of the teams that have shown interest, San Francisco was the only one willing to make us such a solid offer. I really think both teams will benefit from this trade.”

Walker has 4 years of NFL experience and has 157 catches with 2444 yards and 22 touchdowns during that career. His most productive year came in 2004 when he had 89 catches for 1382 yards and 12 touchdowns.

An official announcement regarding the trade is expected later today.

Brent Jones may step in as a mentor

Former 49ers tight end Brent Jones has been lobbying for the team to select Maryland’s Vernon Davis with the 6th overall pick in the upcoming draft.

Jones has been trying to purchase a NFL team with former teammate Steve Young. Until now, has not crossed the line between lobbying for ownership, broadcasting and coaching. Jones has stated on radio interviews that he would be willing to mentor Davis if the team drafted him.

“I’d love to come back and help to right the ship if the 49ers selected Davis. He has tremendous talent and would be a big target for Alex [Smith],” said Jones.

Team sources would not comment on whether or not Jones is being considered for a coaching or mentorship role with the club. However, it has been said that Jones’ number is still part of the team’s contact directory.

Latest candidate for front office position is a shocker

The 49ers continue to search for someone to fill their vacant front office position. Rumors of an unexpected candidate emerged over the weekend as the team has expressed interest in Terry Donahue. One Bay Area radio station reported that Donahue was seen having lunch with head coach Mike Nolan over the weekend. Another stated that Donahue was at the team’s Santa Clara headquarters on Sunday afternoon.

Donahue was the general manager of the team between 2001 and 2005 before being fired along with former head coach Dennis Erickson.

Notes, quotes and anecdotes

Due to a lack of depth at linebacker, Mike Singletary, who currently serves as linebacker coach for the 49ers, is considering a return to the field. It is unclear exactly what role Singletary will play on the team. “Whether it is in a supportive role or purely as motivation for our guys, I feel like I need to get out there and show the defense how to play with heart,” said Singletary.

Wide receiver Rashaun Woods reportedly twisted a finger and may not be able to participate in team practices for up to three months. Team doctors said that the injury occurred while playing video games with teammate Mike Rumph. “I think he is faking it. I was beating him so bad. He just wanted to blame the injury,” says Rumph.

After the elaborate 49ers reunion party thrown by former team owner Eddie DeBartolo, George Seifert, the two-time Super Bowl Champion coach decided to remain in Las Vegas to play the slot machines. Joe Espanito, who is in charge of security for the Paris Hotel and Casino said, "[Seifert] just sits there, day in and day out, pulling the handle and hoping to win. I have never seen him touch the automatic roll button.”

Seifert has apparently taken ownership of a particular "lucky" slot machine. Gaming officials believe that he has won $145 in nickels. Seifert, an avid fisherman, was having trouble with his fishing boat prior to the trip. The general consensus of the party attendees is that Seifert's new found affinity for gambling may be related to the wild tuna slump he hit before the trip.

Brought to you by the pranksters of 49erswebzone.com and 49ersparadise.com. April Fools!

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Packers agree to send Javon Walker to San Francisco
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