Kyle Shanahan, 49ers rule out George Kittle vs. Giants →
  • By K-Ross Kovington
    Jun 19, 2015 at 7:55 PM 15 comments
    The 49ers have a number of players that have been thrust into starting roles due to losses. Here is a list of the players most likely to succeed in their new starting roles as well as why they will succeed and flourish at that position. In this writer's of opinion, backed by 32 years as a 49er fan and 49er family dating back to John Brodie and Kezar Stadium, there is a factor that can almost guarantee a great match for player and organization. Some 49er fans believe that scheme compatibility is crucial. Other 49er fans are convinced that toughness is the key ingredient. The 49er faithful know that the x-factor needed to be great is intelligence. Ever notice that there aren't any IQ test numbers being pushed at the combine along side the 40 time? Yet, the capability to learn...
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