Super Bowl 54
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  • Gilbert Brink
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    Gilbert Brink
    36 year old husband & father of 4, life-long 49ers fan living in Hudson Valley New York.

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  • By Gilbert Brink
    Jan 21, 2020 at 8:50 AM 12 comments
    The 49ers championship window may be closing. That statement may sound absurd to most considering the 49ers will be playing in the Super Bowl next Sunday. Their meteoric rise in 2019 has the fanbase charged with optimism for the present and far into the future, as it should be. Peer into history though and you can see how important it is that the 49ers seize this opportunity to come away with their sixth championship. It doesn't take a football historian to point out how quickly a team can go from the top of the mountain to bottom of the trash heap. Just last year fans and media alike were glowing about the bright future of the LA Rams and how Sean McVay would be the new Bill Belichik. Here we are, a year later, and the Rams missed the playoffs, fired DC Wade Phillips and are...
  • By Gilbert Brink
    Jan 17, 2020 at 9:06 AM 9 comments
    Football is the ultimate team game. This is one of the biggest clichés about America's favorite sport, but clichés often exist for a reason; they tend to be true. While a game of basketball can be dominated by one elite superstar, and a baseball game can be won by a pitcher who is unstoppable, a football game really cannot be won by a single player. Sure, a quarterback can take over a game, but he cannot do so unless his line blocks for him and his receivers catch passes and make plays with the ball in their hands. Running backs can carry the load, but without the offensive line opening holes to run through they would be stuck in first gear. No, football depends on all players on the field working in unison to accomplish a common goal. Without this harmony of intentions, a...
  • By Gilbert Brink
    Jan 14, 2020 at 10:28 AM 1 comment
    The San Francisco 49ers are at the doorstep of Super Bowl 54. Aaron Rodgers, Mike LaFluer and the Green Bay Packers are the last line of defense between the 49ers and an opportunity to bring home their 6th Lombardi Trophy. These two teams took the field in Santa Clara back on November 24th in prime-time for the world to see. The result, a drubbing to the tune of 37-8 as San Francisco dominated Green Bay from opening kickoff to the final victory formation. That blowout, strike it from the record. The 49ers aren't going to win this one by 29 points. In the second biggest game of the year, and the biggest game of many of these players' careers, expect the intensity to be high and the coaches to empty their bags of tricks for a trip to Miami on February 2nd. If Kyle Shanahan is...
  • By Gilbert Brink
    Jan 10, 2020 at 8:01 AM 11 comments
    As soon as Kyle Rudolph snagged that fade from the sky in New Orleans, it began. The search for magic in a maze of logic. The #6 seed Minnesota Vikings were headed to Santa Clara to face the #1 seed San Francisco 49ers and the doubts, questions and concerns were rearing their ugly heads. Spend some time scrolling your newsfeed and you'll be quite surprised by the amount of people, whether they be media analysts, fans or former players, all picking the Vikings to win this game. The puzzling reasoning ranges from what happened in the 1988 playoffs to Minnesota's top ranked pass defense vs. TEs to Kirk Cousins "monkey off the back moment". Whatever the reason may be, you need not go far to find a fool doubting these 49ers. In a world filled with insanity, let us please return to reason. Take...
  • By Gilbert Brink
    Jan 6, 2020 at 6:05 PM 8 comments
    When the San Francisco 49ers take the field Saturday at Levi's Stadium, the players will be ready. The same thing can be said for the Minnesota Vikings. They too will be prepared for their biggest test of the season. In January, players don't need to get up for a game. If you aren't mentally prepared for a game that brings you to the doorstep of the Super Bowl, then this game might not be for you. Knowing this, disregard the passing prowess of Kirk Cousins or the dogged intensity that Nick Bosa brings to the line of scrimmage. These two teams aren't far apart when it comes to pure talent. Each team has a formidable defense, solid running game, yet to be crowned quarterback, and very legitimate receiving threats. This Saturday's game will be determined by the men wearing the...
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