Super Bowl 54
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  • Bill Brown
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    Bill Brown
    With fifteen years of writing experience, Bill has been around the block a time or two. Other than that he's written for a wide variety of online publications, ranging in topics from academics and education to life management and public speaking. He has also written for regional publications. However, one burning passion drives him more than most others: his obsessive loyalty to the 49ers franchise. Practically born into it, he bleeds red and gold. He also enjoys public speaking and talking about himself in the third person.

Bill Brown's Latest Articles

  • By Bill Brown
    Jan 10, 2020 at 9:15 PM 6 comments
    The votes are in. The "experts" have spoken. It's almost unanimous. The 49ers are doomed, at least, that's the commentary many have offered for the upcoming Saturday playoff game between San Francisco and Minnesota. Is this an accurate assumption? The simple answer is no. A detailed answer takes a little more doing. This doesn't mean an upset is out of the question. Even the best teams can lose on any given game day. Last week's earthquake they called the Wild Card round certainly proved that anything is possible. What this does mean is that the 49ers, overall, have a better team and greater advantages than the Vikings. Let's look at seven advantages the 49ers have over the Vikings this weekend. 1. Overall Team...
  • By Bill Brown
    Jan 8, 2020 at 11:44 PM 3 comments
    As the NFL regular season melts into the misty past, let's make a startling statement: the 49ers are good. Well, okay, for most of us who have paid the least bit of attention, this isn't such a shocking revelation. However, to some, it's just too much to process. Don't mention the 49ers' success to some national media personalities. Too many "experts" still doubt the validity of their success this season. After all, why would anyone give credit to a team with a 13-3 record? That's simply delusional. The national pundits find all kinds of ways to express their doubts: For some, the 49ers' record was soft this year, which allowed for an inflated win total. Others concede San Francisco has a great defense and running game but just doesn't have the proven quarterback...
  • By Bill Brown
    Dec 10, 2019 at 10:16 AM 10 comments
    The fact Jimmy Garoppolo receives so little love from the national media remains one of the sports world's greater mysteries. There's always an excuse, packaged as a "rationale," that the media uses to explain why Garoppolo didn't do as well as it seems. He has a great defense, therefore, he's no good. He has a great running game, therefore, he's benefiting from the success of others. He threw for 300 yards against a porous defense, therefore, he must not be legit. The stark reality is Jimmy Garoppolo is good. The national media simply refuses to acknowledge that. He's a winner, and, although that isn't technically a quarterback stat as much as a team stat, consider this: the 49ers tried for two seasons to win without him and...
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