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  • By Stewart M. Cockrell
    Aug 26, 2014 at 11:32 AM 5 comments
    For the most part, the 49ers have done a great job of drafting over the past few years. There have been some head scratchers (A.J. Jenkins?) and some that just haven't panned out, but that is life in the NFL. Find me a team that hits 100% on every pick every year and I will buy you a steak dinner. What the 49ers have been doing over the past few seasons in drafting guys that they don't intend to play for at least a year seems almost a genius move. But it is also the benefit of having such a deep team at the current moment. Some teams simply don't have that option as they have to fill needs now. However, if the moves the 49ers have taken begin to pan out over the next few seasons, I think you will find more and more teams following suit by taking "redshirt" guys that they intend to play in...
  • By Stewart M. Cockrell
    Aug 12, 2014 at 11:38 AM 8 comments
    For the first time in the Harbaugh/Baalke era the team's defense is in a bit of flux, particularly the secondary. Sure there were a lot of question marks leading into Harbaugh's first season with the additions of Carlos Rodgers and Donte Whitner. However, Rogers and Whitner for the most part were acceptable contributors to their previous teams. Now as the 49ers enter 2014, the big question is whether or not the gamble will pay off. With one of the better pass rushes in the NFL; the 49ers have never had to ask a lot of their secondary. Sadly, the pass rush itself might be in flux with the looming suspension of Aldon Smith and Navarro Bowman missing most of the season. This puts more pressure on a revamped secondary. Let's break down this new secondary and see some of the upside and...
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