On Tuesday, it was announced that the San Francisco 49ers and quarterback Alex Smith agreed to a one-year, $5 million deal that would keep the former first round draft selection with the team for another season.

Despite being a free agent, Smith lead offseason team workouts this summer during the NFL lockout that started on March 11.

This news should not come as a shock to most since this has been expected since the NFL Draft.

Below is some early fan reaction to the news from our Facebook and Twitter pages.

As you can imagine, those against Smith's return are being very vocal and as Matt Barrows (@mattbarrows) points out, this deal was already agreed upon ... in April.

Shaun: Not worth that much for 1 year

Michael: Throwing money out th window.

Raymond: I been a Alex Smith supporter but he let's me down all the time smh I hope it works out this time. Niners for life!

Jujhar: Were gonna lose every game


Julian: there goes r season

Anthony: Guys remember Harbaugh is coaching him up now, and if Alex's play starts to slip he'll replace him. War Alex Smith

Michael: well now that we actually have a coach that knows how to work with Qb's lets give Alex a chance. He's never had anyone that knew how to work with him so far in his career. Its do or die time now for Alex.

Carmen: I wont believe it til i see it.. boo alex

Dewan: Oh well...no one in our divison is making any big moves so far! I don't think T-Jax's is an upgrade from what they had...plus we have Jim a coach who knows how to coach....

Lupe: As much as I don't support him I do believe he is our best shot as of right now because he's had the playbook the longest.. but CK7 is our future QB, but anything could happen.. hopefully we can pick up another veteran or someone worth a trade or money.

Robert: No surprise her people... We knew he was coming back... Although we did spend more than I thought we would...

Danny: could worse... Seattle is signing Tavris Jackson and Mat Leinart... :X

@RawbHuss: That sucks!

Abigail: Alex chokes. Simple as that. i think we should give Troy a chance. or Carr. I dont know much about Kapernick but even he would be better. Alex Smith had his chance. 6 years and what did he give us? Loss after loss. We have a new coach now we need a new QB. Time for a new start. but now they we will have to face the concesquences. All we can do is hope for the best. I have faith in you Harbaugh. NINERS FOR LIFE!!!!

Arthur: Is there another team in the nfl that would have paid him half of that???? The answer is NOooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

Hugo: Smith will blossom with Harbaugh!

@maximusreign: this was expected & makes the most sense, everyone's hero Kolb had a lower QB rating than Alex who was coached by moron Sing

Michael: Alex is NOT the reason why this team hasn't had a winning record since 2002. Terrible head coaching, inconsistency w/ personnel, hot/cold defense are all bigger reasons why this team has sucked frankly over the years. How is Alex or anyone supposed to succeed in those conditions? Its a ONE year deal. They're not making him the franchise QB. Just giving him a fair shot now that we have a SUCCESSFUL head coach