I'm tired of excuses. That's all this team has done since 2004. New coach. New scheme. Bad coach. Bad scheme. Bad GM. Bad players. Bad ownership. Bad bad bad bad bad. This is finally the year where I say screw it. Let's dispense with the excuses this season and get straight to the point.

Fact: Pete Carroll and his staff out-coached the 49ers
Case in point, the double move. Not once, but TWICE did the Seahawks call a double move against the 49ers. And it's not as if they picked on undrafted rookie Phillip Adams. These double moves claimed Nate Clements and Tarrell Brown as victims. Clearly Carroll's staff saw something on film and the 49ers defenders were as helpless as a fat kid in dodgeball.

Singletarry seemed unable to make a quick decision and it cost the 49ers a delay of game penalty on 4th and 1. And it often led to those dreaded "Communication Problems." You know what that sounds like? An excuse. I'm going to Dikembe Mutombo that right the hell out of here. Suck it up and make a decision, coach.

Fact: Pete Carroll and his staff out-motivated the 49ers
Whatever you think of Carroll's college atmosphere style, you've got to give the man credit. He's like the NFL version of Will Muschamp.

The Seahawks came ready to play. You could see it on every special teams tackle. You could see it when he called a screen FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE of getting the ball into (recently dispatched) Michael Robinson's hands.

This is Sing's game, right? MOTIVATION POWEEEEEEEERRRRRRR! (Think Old Spice Commercial).

He's not an X's and O's guy but he's a leader of men. He owns the locker room and gets the best out of players.

(Cue the post-game aftermath, Sheldon!)

Alex Smith: "The refs aren't waiting around to spot the ball based on what we're going to decide to do. That clock is rolling. We have to make that decision if you're going for it, then that play has to be called. You have to have a call ready. That happens fast." (Translation: Make a damn decision and do it fast.)

And of course, Matt Maiocco is reporting that Singeltary "called out" Alex Smith, Michael Crabtree and the offensive line in the locker room. Sure sounds like the team, after week one, is awfully motivated.

The 49ers are not a perennial powerhouse by any stretch of the imagination. The only reason they can sniff the playoffs is because they are in the weak NFC West. Put the 49ers in any other NFC division and they would be battling for second (at best) or third (more likely) in each division.

But at this point in their development, they need to beat the teams they should beat. It's not as if they lost a close game against the Colts, the Eagles, or the upstart Redskins. They were BLOWN OUT by the SEAHAWKS. Let that one sit for a second... THE SEAHAWKS.


Come on now! Let's hear your excuses or your thoughts on the game. How did you feel getting throttled by the 5,000-transaction-before-the-season-started-because-their-roster-sucked Seahawks?