Same Records, Different Directions

Andre Tameta
Oct 18, 2007 at 9:50 AM

San Francisco, CA - Both the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders share the same 2-3 record, but little else is similar.

It's time for some more tough love for our five time Super Bowl champions.

One team looks like it's on the rise while the other can't seem to get a first down on offense. Is it really possible that the Raiders, one year removed from a dismal 2-14 record, are playing better than this 49er team that looked good on paper when the season started?

You better believe it.

The 49ers could go on a tear and the Raiders could start looking like, well, like the Raiders again but as of this very moment, our worst fears have come true due to the 49ers' inability to sustain an offensive drive.

Through five games, the 49ers rank toward the bottom in almost every offensive category. The Raiders are ranked third in rushing offense and tenth in points scored.

The Silver and Black boys from Oakland can actually get the ball downfield, unlike the 49ers.

The Cleveland Browns and Miami Dolphins aren't exactly the class of the NFL, but the Raider offense got the job done.

Arnaz Battle could have easily lost the football to an Arizona defender in Week 1 and Jeff Wilkins could have made the game winning field goal in Week 2.

As of right now, the Oakland Raiders offense have done more things right in their two victories.

The 49ers could have easily lost the two games they won if it wasn't for some clutch play by the defense and Alex Smith getting it together at the end of those two games.

The offense has terribly regressed without continuity at the offensive coordinator position, but it doesn't excuse the 49ers from their horrid offensive display this season.

Just a year ago, Art Shell's Raider offense was absolutely terrible. A coaching staff later, Lane Kiffin's Raiders are able to move the ball.

Norv Turner leaves for San Diego but many things remain in place. The only major differences in the starting offense are the additions of Darrell Jackson at wide receiver and rookie Joe Staley replacing the much maligned Kwame Harris.

These two changes were supposed to be upgrades, yet it has not translated on to the field.

Many of us lambasted the Seattle Seahawks for trading a seasoned receiver in Jackson to a division rival, but the move doesn't look too bad for Seattle as of this moment.

The Seahawk receivers were not known for holding on to the ball. Matt Hasselbeck's numbers could have been better the last few years if it wasn't for drops and receivers not being able to create separation consistently.

With former Super Bowl MVP Deion Branch on board, Jackson became expendable in Seattle. Jackson has shown good hands throughout his career, but is an inconsistent target.

Speaking of ball catchers, can someone tell us where Vernon Davis has been?

Injured constantly since his rookie season.

Seems like many of us were enamored by his raw physical talent because he has made a few plays when he has been able to get on the field.

Is our first round draft pick from a year ago a fragile player? He has seen more sideline and less game time since he became an NFL football player.

Sooner or later, the excuses are going to get old.

Other teams are getting it together and becoming competitive while the 49ers continue to make excuses.

It's put up or shut up time for Nolan and the 49ers. They simply need to start executing a lot better.

Who knows, a miracle could happen and the 49ers regain an offensive identity. Maybe the football gods will think it's 1981 again.
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  • niner
    anybody think Snyder, or Jones or Eddie D would put up with the once flagship of the nfl as the laughing stock of the league? The 5 superbowl champions are the worst offensive team in the last 3 years. (29th last year) with no hope in sight. Cant blame the players, they are the ones Nolan picked! Amazingly Erickson wasnt as bad statistically. As long as the ownership doesnt say or do anything about the medocrity put forth , nothing will change.
    Oct 21, 2007 at 4:11 PM
  • mendiola
    last time I checked this was a 49er website...who are these people sayin their fans and all they do is put down the 49ers.who cares if the offense is not doin very good.special teams and defense is headin the right direction..if you watch every football game the 49ers are playin they have improved dramatically..whoever is comin up with these ridiculous comments maybe should take some time out to go and watch some football..these people who put these kind of comments sound like those people who watch media alot...DONT WATCH MEDIA.!.WATCH FOOTBALL..Maybe then you can start postin up comments about the 49ers.
    Oct 19, 2007 at 8:32 PM
  • PS
    Give me a break.
    Oct 19, 2007 at 5:34 PM
    Response: The truth hurts huh?
  • O Nono
    Here is an example of a Niner article that this site SHOULD be writing: You should be ashamed of this article that you wrote.
    Oct 18, 2007 at 6:18 PM
    Response: Why would I be ashamed? The team is not performing, plain and simple.
  • Derrick
    RAIDERS' OPPONENTS, PER GAME STATISTICS: -Detroit: 29th in total defense (378.6) and 31st in points allowed (31.0). -Denver: 18th in total defense (333.2), and 18th in points allowed (27.2) -Cleveland: 31st in total defense (413.0) and 30th in points allowed (30.5) -Miami: 23rd in total defense (352.2) and 29th in points allowed (30.3) -San Diego: 14th in total defense (324.2) and 15th in points allowed (19.8) -Raiders' Opponents Combined: Yards allowed - 360.24, Points allowed - 27.8 49ERS' OPPONENTS, PER GAME STATISTICS: -Arizona: 15th in total defense (328.0) and 19th in points allowed (22.7) -St. Louis: 20th in total defense (337.7) and 26th in points allowed PG (26.5) -Pittsburgh: 1st in total defense (235.6) and 1st in points allowed (9.4) -Seattle: 19th in total defense (336.7) and 9th in points allowed (17.0) -Baltimore: 4th in total defense (272.3) and 8th in points allowed (16.7) -49ers' Opponents Combined: Yards allowed - 302.06 , Points Allowed - 18.46
    Oct 18, 2007 at 4:15 PM
    Response: Great stats, but it's clear that the offense can't go anywhere no matter who they play, at this moment.
  • O Nono
    This article is ridiculous. One team is on the rise? Ok, from 2 wins of course they are on the rise to win, what 3-4 games? The Raiders are not making any excuses? Why would they have any excuses when everyone knows that they are one of the worst teams in the NFL! Everyone knows this team's potential, we all have not seen it yet. Plus, we have lost to Pittsburgh (4-1), Seattle (3-3), and Ravens (4-2). The only loss we should have won is Seattle but with Smith out, what did you expect?? I'm a little frustrated with the performance of the team as well but these kinds of articles just make it worse. Is this not a Niner site? If I had read this article, I would've thought it came from a Raider fan site. And calling Davis a fragile player in his second year?? Come on. Kellen Winslow was hyped up to be a great TE and he was hurt his first 3 years and now is showing what a great pick he was. This article is sounds like you thought the Niners were going to the Super Bowl at the beginning of the year and the Niners don't have a chance anymore! Season is not over yet... Niners!
    Oct 18, 2007 at 2:01 PM
    Response: I love your passion and optimism, but this team was once the class of the NFL. The 49ers will be held to a higher standard no matter what.
  • Jordan from Santa Rosa
    Excuses? Wasn't it Coach Nolan who said that he would NEVER give excuses, because "it made losing okay"?
    Oct 18, 2007 at 1:32 PM
    Response: Other writers and fans keep making excuses. Nolan and Co. have not officially given any excuses for their play and they should keep it that way if the 49er Faithful is to remain Rollin' with Nolan.

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