Random Shots: Seattle Part Deux

Nov 8, 2004 at 12:00 AM

-Entering the game Rattay had a better QB rating (92.5) than Tom Brady (90.8), Brett Favre (90.2), Mike Vick (81.3) and Jeff Garcia (80.7).

-Arnaz Battle is a playmaker, returning Seattle's first punt 29 yards and setting up the 49ers first score.

-The opening touchdown scored by the 49ers was the first on the opening drive all season.

-I guess Kevan Barlow decided to show up today, at least for the first half.

-What are you thinking Maurice Hicks? Let the ball go! (He picked up the ball near the sideline on a squib kick and fell out of bounds at the 1-yard line).

-Don't get it twisted; it was a fumble in the second quarter. Darrell Jackson had two feet down and got hit. Instead of a fumble return to Seattle's 30, the ball went back to the Seahawks who scored three plays later.

-Where has all the goal line defense gone?

-Which would you rather have, Vince Wilfork (14 solo tackles, 2 sacks, 1 pass defended) or Rashaun Woods (2 receptions, 35 yards and a TD)?

-Rattay's injury seems to be affecting his accuracy on some throws. He has thrown a few balls behind the receiver and it seems to happen on the out route.

-Tim Rattay looks at home in the two minute drill.

-Bobby Taylor got away with a mugging on Curtis Conway in the End Zone. Sure he swatted the ball away, but he grabbed Conway's inside shoulder and turned him.

-You can't blame the referees for the bad calls in this game, the NFL "wants it that way."

-Rattay, while on the run, threw a pretty accurate touchdown throw to Lloyd.

-Do you think that Lloyd was relieved that he scored after everything that Beasley and Barlow said about him?

-Before 49er fans get to angry about Seattle's ability to throw all over the place, remember this: both of San Francisco's starting cornerbacks are out. Basically you are seeing a 4th string CB on a second string WR, a mismatch in anyone's book. Unless your 4th CB is Deion Sanders.

-The 49ers' wide receivers couldn't draw a pass interference call if they were violently mugged on the field and whacked straight Nancy Kerrigan style. No respect.

-Shawntae Spencer has a great break on the ball.

-Speaking of Spencer, at one point in the 4th quarter Shaun Alexander took a pitch to the outside and had two blockers in front of him, one of which was pro bowl left tackle Walter Jones. Spencer (6'0" 180 Lbs.) took on both blockers, spun around while falling and made the tackle on Alexander. Pretty impressive.

-Maurice Hicks looked like Roy Williams with his one handed grab. He laid out, reached with this left hand, and pulled the ball in while stumbling and eventually falling to the ground.

-Despite his rookie mistake, Maurice Hicks looks explosive on kick off returns.

-Boy, 49er fans are fickle. Sure your team is losing but does that mean that you just abandon them? At the very least you should stay and get your $64 worth.

-Sometime I feel glad that the 49ers are losing, not because they get higher draft picks, but because the fair weather fans really expose them selves for what they are.

-Shaun Alexander carved up the 49ers defense like an early Thanksgiving Day turkey. Alexander ran for 160 yards and two touchdowns.

-The glaring need for some help on the defensive line is apparent with Alexander running all over them. Once again I ask, Wilfork a big man in the middle, or Woods, the 5th wide receiver? Despite the fact that Rattay hit 9 different receivers on Sunday, one of them was not Woods. I guess hindsight is always 20/20.

-The 49ers need to force more turnovers.

-The 49ers can put together a quarter or even a half of good football together. Of course, someone should tell them that a football game is 60 minutes long.

-It was all over when: Rattay threw an interception to LB Anthony Simmons who returned it for a touchdown, putting Seattle up by 15 in the 4th quarter.

-Ronnie Lott lambasted the coaching staff on the post game show for not managing the game well. I just don't see that as being the case.

-Next Week: Carolina. Let's hope Stephen Davis isn't back in the lineup by then.
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