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I have been a fan of RAHEEM MOSTERT'S for a long time. Few would listen, and I was told a dozen times that "he's nothing but another undrafted free agent RB, and not good enough for the varsity." I was asked what I saw in him. So, I decided to investigate and find out why my immediate gut-felt support was so strong for THIS guy. I thought the answer was simple. A major reason, of course, is his blazing speed (4.28), he was called "the fastest player in the NCAA" by the same year as Tyreek Hill. But, that wasn't it. There was something else. Why was THIS guy so special?

Every game, he seems to get stronger as the game progresses. You definitely want him in there in the 4th quarter. Then I realized that his special toughness is what sets him aside. He won't quit. Not by being cut by five other teams despite his excellent return record with them. In his heart, he is HUNGRIER than anyone else…and tougher. He is the first one downfield and a vicious tackler as the special teams gunner.

Then it hit me; it's like it's 1958 and seeing the late J.D. Smith all over again. He was also a tough 205-pound back who like Mostert, had come to the 49ers from the Bears and starred on special teams for two years until he bugged them into starting him at RB vs. the Packers at Kezar in the next to last game of the season.

It was Pearl Harbor Day (Dec.7). Having played golf with a 49er exec who rewarded me with bench passes in 1958 and 1959, I found my 16-year-old self sitting on the end of the 49er bench next to LEO NOMELLINI. Leo was HUGE, had no front teeth, and a deep roaring voice that was belting out some of the worst profanity I had ever heard. Boy, Leo could cuss. Then, J.D. Smith takes an end-run down the sidelines for an 80-yard touchdown with 49er guard Al Carapella panting behind him and screaming "slow down you s.o.b." Leo was bellowing with laughter and saying unkind things to Carapella. It was J.D.'s first game as a starter. In 1959, He supplanted Hugh McElhenny, finished second to only Jim Brown in the NFL rushing stats, and led the 49ers in rushing across the next five seasons!

Back to the present...Is RAHEEM MOSTERT the next J.D. Smith? I believe he can be. It's up to Kyle Shanahan now. I think he needs to ask his dad about J.D.

As a running back, RAHEEM has a talent for finding small holes and making big gains. In the short time they have given him reps, I have seen him go 87 yards with a screen pass in a preseason game and score from 52 against the Raiders, just for starters. The most revealing stat is that of the 40 yards he gained against the Buccaneers from scrimmage, 38 were AFTER the first hit. THAT is incredible. That tells me that he's a punishing runner who isn't fun to bring down. Combine that speed with his 205 lbs, and he hits hard. His straight arm last Sunday was a classic. That also tells me that MOSTERT IS A MONSTER!

Mostert needs more carries. He keeps trying to show us that he's ready to break out. Imagine what this guy could do as the No. 1 running back getting 20-plus carries per game. What a luxury to have a dominant feature back with a backup like Breida. Kyle?
  • Gary Mialocq
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    Native of SF. Attended Washington HIgh (HOF Basketball & Golf), CCSF and SF State University. Investor & Startup Business Consultant, Former Juvenile Detention Counselor, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Self-employment Specialist, Real Estate Investor, Genealogist. Senior Pro Golfer.


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