When Jim Harbaugh was hired, champagne was uncorked.

When Jim Tomsula was hired, a collective groan infested Twitter.

Chip Kelly announced as the new head coach of the 49ers? Emotionally charged might be the most accurate way to describe fan reaction.

"Players don't like him."

"Finally, someone who can save Kap!"

"He's a weirdo."

"This is exactly what our offense needs."

"His scheme has been exposed and defense is a foreign concept to him."

Regardless of your take on the hire, no one can blame Jed York and Trent Baalke for being risk averse with this decision. Chip Kelly is a bold choice.

This offseason has proven to be a less-than inspiring time to be in search of a head coach. Trent Baalke has to wonder if the team would even be in this position had they hired Adam Gase instead of Tomsula last January (probably not).

Was Sean Payton ever really "available"? Maybe, but at what cost?

Was Hue Jackson truly the team's first choice? All sources indicate an offer was never made.

A contingency of fans longed for the "Mike Shanahan Time Machine" hoping a link to a past Super Bowl would restore the franchise to greatness.

In the end the was Chip and given that he was reportedly the first guy to interview for the job, could it be deemed that he was the front-runner all along? I imagine some version of that will be put out into the universe whenever the introductory press-conference takes place.

The fans who seem thrilled and/or at least most satisfied with this hire appear to be the ones most hopeful for a Colin Kaepernick career-resurrection. This group see's Chip Kelly coming to town as an assurance that the 49ers still see value in getting Kap back on track.

"Look what he did with Mariota! Chip will do wonders with Kap."

I'm among the few who do not necessarily see a Chip/Colin combo as automatic as others. His ability in the zone-read is certainly a strength, but what of his slower-than-average release? Short and intermediate route inaccuracy? These are attributes that Chip Kelly's offense are predicated on.

That's not to say I'm not hopeful that Kelly could fix, or at least improve, the issues that haunted Colin Kaepernick this past season. If he can get number seven on track, then this hire will more than likely be a rousing success.

I believe Chip Kelly has provided a mixed-emotion amongst fans notably because it forces them to re-evaluate their feelings about Colin Kaepernick.

The Kap camp rejoices, while the other half proclaims, "I thought that ship had sailed."

Who is the right quarterback for Chip Kelly?

Sam Bradford? Nick Foles? Jared Goff?

The team will say all the right things regarding current players on the roster (i.e. Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert), but my sense is that Chip Kelly already knows who he wants behind center in 2016.

And just like his hiring, the quarterback decision will be just as polarizing.