Upon Further Review: 49ers Scalp the ‘Skins

Nov 28, 2013 at 7:41 AM

To say that this is what the 49ers needed would be euphemistic. After underperforming for two weeks in a row, they needed a statement win. A beatdown. On Monday night in Landover, that is exactly what they got.

It wasn't always pretty. The run game was less than stellar. There were a few instances where pass protection fell apart. Colin Kaepernick was forced to burn a time out because he couldn't get a play called in time. At the beginning of the game, the 49er offense just didn't seem to be clicking.

But the 49ers won. Convincingly.

This week, we'll be taking a look at what went right, what needs work, and what to expect when the Rams come to town this Sunday.

What Went Right
Though the 1st quarter was less than impressive (offensively, at least) the 49ers turned in their most complete performance in recent memory...and in my estimation, three things really stood out.

* The 49ers have a championship caliber defense. No matter where RGIII ran, it seemed that he had nowhere to hide. Alfred Morris was repeatedly stuffed at or behind the line of scrimmage. Pierre Garçon and Company had an incredibly difficult time finding space against the 49er secondary.

While no defensive player had a bad game, there were three in particular who seemed bound and determined to win the game all by themselves: Ahmad Brooks, Tony Jerrod-Eddie and Aldon Smith. Brooks was in the offensive backfield so much that he should have been paying rent. Jerrod-Eddie, a backup until Ray McDonald's injury, played more snaps than any of the 49ers defensive linemen and was downright dominant. And finally, Aldon Smith spent most of the night abusing Trent Williams, who is widely regarded as one of the finest Tackles in the NFL.

But the truest metric of the 49ers dominance is as follows: the NFL's top ranked rushing attack (and 7th ranked offense overall) could only muster 100 yards on the ground (as opposed to their average per game of 151.5)...and 190 yards overall. That is absolute dominance, kids...and it's worth noting.

*Though he was far from perfect, Colin Kaepernick is growing as a QB and it is beginning to show up on the field. For the first time since week 1, Colin Kaepernick threw his receivers open. When he threw the ball, he was decisive. He looked comfortable under center. When he saw what he wanted, he pulled the trigger and allowed his receivers to do the rest...and that is something that has been noticeably absent over the past few weeks.

While there were some rough patches (especially early in the game), Kap's footwork looked smoother, his reaction time a bit quicker and most notably, less double clutching. His command of the playbook is growing...and as a result, his execution has improved somewhat. The stat line bears this out (as Kap posted his best ever QB rating on Monday night)...but so does his body language. Less tenatitive. More confident. Less frowning. More swagger.

As the game progressed, his confidence grew. With each completion, his play improved.This isn't an indication that Kap has arrived...but it is an indication that he's on his way. And for now, that is exactly what the 49ers need from him.

*LaMichael James is a COLOSSAL improvement over Kyle Williams. The key moment for LaMichael James came with 4:15 left in the 3rd quarter. Sav Rocca hit a so-so 42 yard punt which James cleanly fielded...right before he exploded up the left sideline for about 40 yards.

Without a doubt, that was the most explosive punt return of the season. Truth be told, the 49ers haven't had a punt returner flash that kind of explosiveness in years. If the 49ers are going to get hot down the stretch, they'll need to see that kind of explosiveness from their return game...and if Monday night is any indication, they've found just the player to provide it.

What Went Wrong
Every game has its share of ups and downs...and this game was no different. In my estimation there were two glaring faults that really jumped off the screen on Monday night.

*The 49er offense cannot afford slow starts. Yet again, the 49ers came out of the gate like their offense had just overdosed on Qualudes. Slow starts do not often bode well for football teams...especially those in the hunt for a playoff spot. The 2013 49ers have been frustratingly ineffective early in games...a trend that cannot continue...especially against elite competition.

Are the slow starts a symptom of poor play calling? Poor execution? A lack of confidence? Odds are that the root of the issue is some combination of the three. Monday night's game went a long way toward alleviating to concerns most of us have about this 49er team...but their start against the Rams this Sunday will say a lot about how far they've come so far this season.

*Colin Kaepernick MUST trust his instincts more often. You've seen it. I've seen it. It usually goes some thing like this: Kap falls back to pass...he's got nowhere to go...it looks like he's going to run...but he doesn't.

On thing is for certain: Colin Kaepernick has the single most unique skill set of any QB in the NFL. His combination of arm strength, footspeed and elusiveness is one of a kind. But his seeming refusal to use his legs when things break down is limiting his effectiveness. Kap will become better than he is at present...but for that to happen, he needs to be himself...and until that happens, he'll be a physically gifted QB that is playing below his potential.

What's Next?
Over the course of the 49ers last five games, they play three division opponents (the Rams, Seahawks and Cardinals). Given the top heavy nature of the playoff pool in the NFC, the 49ers need to win out in order to secure a playoff berth. At this point, the 49ers hold the 6th (and last) seed in the NFC playoff field. At this point, they control their own destiny...and for that to remain the case, they cannot afford another loss.

What's next for the 49ers? Only time will tell. But one thing is certain: they control their own destiny.

2-Minute Drill
*As of this writing, it has been widely speculated that Michael Crabtree will be playing this weekend. If that is the case, his presence will definitely help the 49er passing game...but I wouldn't expect his to have a "lights out" performance right out of the gate.
*The Rams have outscored their last two opponents 80-29. Since the 49ers played them last, the Rams have improved. Dramatically. If you were expecting a 35-11 blowout, you might want to alter your expectations somewhat.
*Some are beginning to wonder if Frank Gore is wearing down after a less than stellar game against the Redskins. The answer to this is...no way. Opponents are loading the box against the 49ers, absolutely selling out to stop the run. Expect to see more of the same from every team they play until the 49ers prove without a doubt that they can beat opponents through the air with consistency.

Packers at Lions (-6)

Matt Flynn, once the darling of the free agent QB world, is now just another reason his team is losing. LIONS.

Raiders at Cowboys (-9.5)

Raiders + road game = loss. Especially on a short week. COWBOYS.

Steelers at Ravens (-3)

This game will be worth watching, if only because these teams hate each other so much. Though both have fallen off dramatically, I expect a great game...which the home team will win, no matter how weighed down they are by the most cumbersome contract in NFL history. RAVENS.

Bears at Vikings (-1)

Right now, the Bears defense might be the worst I have ever seen. Expect "All Day" to go off. VIKINGS.

Broncos (-5) at Chiefs

I wonder how this will play out, especially away from Denver. The Broncos have looked very normal on the road...a trend I think could continue in KC this weekend. CHIEFS.

Buccaneers at Panthers (-8)

I want the Bucs to win this game...but I'm not sure that they can. PANTHERS.

Cardinals at Eagles (-3)

Count me among those that expect the Cards to fall apart down the stretch. Notch another win for the Chip Kelly Chuck n'Duck project. EAGLES.

Dolphins at Jets (-2)

It boggles the mind how any team led by Geno "here, have the ball" Smith is favored to win...even at home. DOLPHINS.

Jaguars at Browns (-7)

I am about to pick the Browns to win a game and cover...because even though they have won two in a row, the Jaguars are awful. Like brussel sprout awful. BROWNS.

Titans at Colts (-4.5)

Someone needs to tell Mr Irsay talking trash about your own team won't typically endear them to you. All the same, his team should notch a win against an improved but beatable opponent this weekend. COLTS.

Falcons at Bills (-3)

How bad are the Falcons? Bad enough that they will lose to a team like the Bills...by far more than 3 points. BILLS.

Bengals at Chargers (-1)

Are the Chargers suddenly for real? After watching them skewer what had been the toughest defense in the NFL last weekend, I certainly think so. CHARGERS.

Patriots (-7.5) at Texans

Do I really need to get into this one? The Texans are horrific. The Patriots, while beatable, are not horrific. PATRIOTS.

Giants (-1) at Redskins

RGIII should not be playing right now. His mobility is dramatically limited, and it is affecting his game. Until he's right, the 'Skins won't be. GIANTS.

Saints at Seahawks (-5)

This game will be one for the books. I smell a shootout. With Browner gone for a year and Thurmond out for the next 4 games, the Saints might be able to find some room to operate in the Seattle secondary. SAINTS.

Rams at 49ers (-8.5)

The 49ers are a better team than the Rams...but this game will not be easy. Rams coach Jeff Fisher has put together a great defense. I don't expect this to be a blowout...but I do expect the 49ers to improve through the air this week...which should help them cover. 49ERS.

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  • Joe
    It's surprising that the title of the article is not flagged by some civil rights group for being too offensive. Maybe nobody cares about the Redskins, so it's not wrong to use the term scalping against them. I bet if their QB was of native American decent, the title of this article would be on CNN headline news and the author would be fired. Go 49ers!
    Dec 7, 2013 at 7:42 PM
  • Edwin Wittmayer
    Why can't they get Kap to quit getting delay of game calls? Those five yards every time hurts the offense when they seem to struggle to get yardage.
    Dec 4, 2013 at 6:33 PM
  • Gonzola
    Game prediction is in "early" this time. All algorithms were run, every stone unturned, and the 49ers TAKE THIS THING by 7 or more. The little lambs return to St. Louis losers after this last Candlestick experience. But, there is more... Monday night the Seahawks get banged up and several players make the moral decision to quit taking performance enhancing drugs before they get caught. These factors play into a 49ers win next week by 2 or more. The only thing not requiring a prediction: The Carolina Panthers continue to win because the NFL wants them in the Super Bowl this year. Not sure how such an awful team gets the "push" from the league, but then again what were the Ravens doing in the Super Bowl -- let alone winning it? No more losing, because losing is for losers and 49ers are winners -- I can feel it!
    Dec 1, 2013 at 3:42 AM
    Response: (AJ) Gonzola has spoken!! Enjoy the game, amigo.
  • Gonzola
    Hope you all had a GREAT Thanksgiving. Great article as always. This week my 'junk' has been less than active, SO might have to hit you up early on Sunday with the game call. My heart tells me the Niners will control this game from the opening kick, but my 'junk' has yet to decide (i.e. my last UFR post). BoneR up Niners and lets kick some grASS! Go Niners!
    Nov 29, 2013 at 7:24 PM
    Response: (AJ) I'm looking forward to your game day update amigo:)
  • Joyce
    I hope you realize that the title of the article is highly offensive.
    Nov 28, 2013 at 1:43 PM
    Response: (AJ) Your opinion is noted. In my opinion, it isn't. If you have more to share, please feel free.
  • Lucky Phil
    Happy Thanksgiving Amigos!
    Nov 28, 2013 at 9:49 AM
    Response: (AJ) Right back at ya buddy!!
  • Shane
    AJ, nice analysis! Quick side question, the idea you guys had about ppl posting questions/comments after the saints screw job was awesome but there were never any answers. Did you guys get more questions than you thought you wld?... As far as the 9ers I'm not over excited yet, Washington is just terrible and frankly I think we will need to step it up to beat the Rams. My question is why do we insist on doing all these motions n shifts?? We are only making things harder on Kap. And for what? It's not like we are this awesome top 5 or even 10 offense. Obviously it's not correlating to moving the ball with constancy. I think we shld simplify all that crap and give Kap more time at the line to read Ds. that's when it looked like he was at his best on monday when there was still 10 seconds on the playclock at the snap...Happy thanksgiving to you n your family! Go 9ers!
    Nov 28, 2013 at 8:21 AM
    Response: (AJ) Happy Thanksgiving, Shane! First things first, we got CRUSHED with responses to our request for feedback on the hijacking in New Orleans. And as for the complexity of the offense, I think that the growing pains they're experiencing now will pay benefits down the road. They are trying to mold Kap...and he will improve over time. But until he does, we'll likely have a few more SMH moments. Have a bang up holiday, amigo:)
  • RishikeshA
    Happy Thanksgiving guys, thanks again for your comments. It seems the light has gone on for LMJ, he's got this electric quality. He's going to break one or two or three long returns very soon. I think the 49ers take care of the Rams similar to their first meeting, not close. Their last game against the Bears was much closer than the score. With 3:10 left the Rams were up only 27-21.
    Nov 28, 2013 at 7:59 AM
    Response: (AJ) Happy Thanksgiving, man. I hope that LMJ becomes a bigger part of the offense, too. He's got the potential to be a game breaker. Here's hoping that the 49ers take care of business this week.

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