Peter Konz Center from Wisconsin

Why SF should draft him: Konz provides depth and versatility on the O-Line. He will start at RG and move in to the Center position as Jonathan Goodwin's contract slowly wicks away. Konz is a natural center with tremendous production.

Why SF should NOT draft him: In front of SF in the draft order are the Baltimore Ravens and Green Bay Packers. Both these team have aging Centers and will likely draft Peter Konz before SF (Baltimore moreso than GB). I don't see SF giving up future picks to move up to 27 (New England).

Coby Fleener Tight End from Stanford

Why SF should draft him: Fleener is a matchup nightmare for any team and is a step in the right direction when attempting to resolve SF's offensive Red Zone concerns. Having Fleener will make SF's schedule less intimidating. Drafting him also means we don't have to cover least in real games.

Why SF should NOT draft him: As a tight end, Fleener is not much of a blocker. He gets in the way of defenders more than he blocks. Tight end is not a position of need for SF and would be a reach at #30 if viewed from this lens. With Andrew Luck as his QB, Fleener did not get as many receptions as you'd like in a 1st round-rated tight end. Over the past 3 years he accumulated 83 receptions, which is average at best for tight ends.

Kevin Zeitler Guard from Wisconsin

Why SF should draft him: Kevin Zeitler is the most proven guard behind David DeCastro and fills a need for SF at pick #30. Kevin Zeitler played in a run first offense and has tremendous production in college. He is also a gym rat that has the type of strength and power that translates into his plays on the field.

Why SF should NOT draft him: Zeitler does not provide much versatility in that he will only play the Guard position. If the aforementioned names are available SF will likely select a Center with versatility or a tight end with dangerous potential. If Amini Silotolu is available at #30 as well as Zeitler, SF will be tempted to trade down into the early 2nd round. Though Silotolu is less developed, he has a higher ceiling than Zeitler, but also has more potential to be a bust.

Stephen Hill Wide Receiver from Georgia Tech

Why SF should draft him: Stephen Hill is an athletic specimen at the WR position combining size (6'4" 215 lbs) with tremendous in-line speed 4.36 sec, 40-yard dash. Hill showed dependable hands and body control at the NFL combine and would add depth and competition to an already accomplished pool of WRs in SF.

Why SF should NOT draft him: Stephen Hill produced small scale results at Georgia Tech compiling only 45 receptions in 3 years of football at the collegiate level. Hill's best attributes are his height and speed, which already exists on SF's roster, Ted Ginn Jr. and Randy Moss. Hill has limited YAC (Yards After Contact) ability that is necessary in the West Coast Offense.

Janoris Jenkins Corner Back from North Alabama

Why SF should draft him: Janoris Jenkins is an every down player, that has the great ball skills and even better anticipation. Jenkins has the physicality to play press and support the run on early downs. In the past 3 years, only 2 CBs have been able to consistently shutdown AJ Green and Julio Jones at the college level. One of them was Patrick Peterson drafted 5th overall by the Cardinals. The other player was Janoris Jenkins.

Why SF should NOT draft him: Jenkins is undersized, measuring only 5'10" and will struggle when defending taller WRs in Red Zone scenarios as demonstrated in the Senior Bowl. Jenkins brings with him a lot of question marks about his character and extracurricular activities. Though Jenkins will be an upgrade to the secondary, it is not a position with tremendous need.