After learning about Oscar Garcia's tragic story within our forums and here, San Francisco 49ers fans have united helped the 33-year old who suffers from Sarcoma Cancer. Oscar, a longtime 49ers fan and a member of this community since 2005, has been battling this rare form of cancer that attacks only about 10,000 people per year.

Doctors have told Oscar, who has a wife and two kids, that he has only one or two months to live.

When we first alerted fans of Oscar's situation, he had raised $1,810 toward his $15,000 goal in an effort to ease his family's financial burden and help pay for funeral costs. Since then, over a span of only a handful of days, the 49ers Faithful community has banded together to spread the word about their fellow fan in need. Since then, fans have helped Oscar raise over $12,000 toward his goal.

It's been a really inspiring story of fans putting aside their differences, supporting a person in need, offering prayers and good wishes for him and his family, and helping Oscar feel blessed during this very tough time.

Oscar posted the following update on his GoFundMe page.

I just want to thank everyone for all your donations and especially thank the 49erswebzone for all your love and support. In just a few days you all have raised over $11,000 in my name.

A few days ago i posted on a 49erswebzone forum about my story and linked my gofundme page. The next day i wake up in tears as my story gets on the front page.

I have been going to this website for years and hardly ever posted anything but here they were united as fans helping me out spreading the word out on sarcoma awareness.

Like i said i started crying and my wife wakes up to me in tears and she was alarmed and scared that i was in pain and i show her my phone and she starts reading the article the guys at did and tears started going down her eyes.

It just blew us away. The last 3 days have been hard on me. barely sleeping more than 2-3hours a night. but all the prayers and love motivate me to keep me positive.

I mentioned that god sends his angels to those in need. I really feel like god is looking down on me and smiling. I feel so loved. i cant stop smiling even with everything going on.

Being so close to his goal, we hope that you can help to continue to spread Oscar's story on social media.

Since this story first broke, his wife Heather has responded to the stories that has posted about Oscar. She had the following to say within a comment.

I would sincerely like to thank each and everyone one of you from the bottom of my heart. Oscar is my best friend, my love, my life. He was brought into my life for a purpose. Everyday I am so thankful to have met and married him. Oscar seriously is the kindest person I know. He always has a smile on his face and despite 4 hard surgeries later, he remains very positive. I read the comments and I see the donations and I cry. All I can say is thank you, thank you. As far as Oscars bucket list, he would definitely LOVE to meet the players/team !! go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Go to the snow (yes he has never seen real snow before) and SF Zoo. Jus a few local things given his health condition. (He got started on Oxygen today due to shortness of breathe.) I tried to submit a player visit through the 49er website but never heard back. I have so many pictures of Oscar going through all his Chemotherapy, procedures etc and everytime he had a 49ers shirt, sweatshirt, cap or scarf on and thums up with a smile. To all of you, please know, your kind words, your generous donations, and your true love and caring for my Husband mean more than I can even try to express.

His sister had this to add.

Dear big brother of mine I love u god is big have faith and hope don't give up brother I love u we all do we niner fans we don't give up without a fight.