San Francisco 49ers legend Joe Montana is currently among the final eight in's "Greatest Quarterback of All Time" bracket. The March Madness style playoff started with 32 quarterbacks broken up into 4 smaller brackets. Those brackets were the Right Now Bracket, the Generation X Bracket, the Millennials Bracket, and the Baby Boomer Bracket.

Montana was placed within the Generation X Bracket as a number one seed. Others in that bracket included Dan Marino (2), John Elway (3), Jim Kelley (4), Warren Moon (5), Dan Fouts (6), Phil Simms (7), and Boomer Esiason (8).

During the first round, Montana beat Boomer Esiason with 98% of the votes. During the second round, Montana beat Jim Kelly with 92% of the votes.

Now, in the third round, he faces Dan Marino, who is coming off of a victory over John Elway. Currently, Montana is in the lead of that battle with 76% of the votes.

Other quarterbacks that remain are Tom Brady (1) and Aaron Rodgers (3) in the Right Now Bracket, Donovan McNabb (5) and Drew Bledsoe (7) in the Millennials Bracket, and Johnny Unitas (1) and Terry Bradshaw (2) in the Baby Boomer Bracket.

Another 49ers legend, Steve Young (3), was among the original 32 quarterbacks. However, he was defeated in the second round by Drew Bledsoe after gaining only 43% of the votes.