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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Rapoport talks ‘tough dude’ George Kittle and his potential return for 49ers-Giants

Sep 24, 2020 at 4:50 PM--

Fans are wondering if San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle will return to the field on Sunday. Should he even return to the field? The Niners will play at MetLife Stadium for the second consecutive weekend. Week 2's game there did not go so well.

Yes, the 49ers routed the home-team New York Jets 31-13, but it was a costly victory. The team lost two defensive linemen — Nick Bosa and Solomon Thomas — for the season and will likely be without its starting quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, and two running backs in Raheem Mostert and Tevin Coleman.

San Francisco will play the New York Giants at the same venue on Sunday.

The NFL, NFLPA, MetLife Stadium, Giants, Jets, and an independent field inspector all cleared the field on Wednesday after the 49ers asked for another review of the playing surface. The Niners might not be as confident given Week 2's outcome on the injury front.

"I thought the field was terrible," offensive lineman Ben Garland said on Thursday.

Should the 49ers risk putting Kittle, their most valuable player, on that field when he is coming off an MCL sprain and bone bruise suffered during Week 1? Fans aren't so sure, according to social media posts. Of course, if it were up to Kittle, he might try to play through anything.

"Still up in the air whether or not the 49ers are going to have George Kittle," Ian Rapoport said Thursday on NFL Network. "But one thing that helps, first of all, he's on the trip. That's a good sign.

"Two, he is a tough dude who has willed himself onto the field through probably worse injuries than this, so if there is a chance of him getting out there, you know he will.

"Remember, he actually went back in the game a couple of weeks ago, then missed a game, and now is in this situation here, so his toughness here is really not in question, as far as playing."

Another potential good sign is that Kittle spoke with reporters on Thursday. The tight end refused to offer up any clues that it might mean his chances of playing against the Giants are better than initially thought.

"I just missed you guys," Kittle said. "They said I could talk to you guys. I haven't talked to you guys in a week. I just really missed all your faces and voices."

Kittle does feel better, though.

"The last two days (of practices) have gone well," Kittle shared. "I feel better every single day, so that's awesome."

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