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Nick Bosa responds to the question on every 49ers fan’s mind: Were you held on 3rd-and-15?

Aug 6, 2020 at 12:19 PM--

The play changed the course of the game. The Kansas City Chiefs converted a much-needed 3rd-and-15 from their own 35-yard line in the fourth quarter.

Just like that, momentum shifted.

San Francisco 49ers fans know how things ended. The Chiefs ended up walking away with the Lombardi Trophy while the Niners walked away with heartache.

Many fans have seen the play over and over. Not intentionally, necessarily. For a while, that's all that was being shown on NFL Network. Fans will quickly point to defensive end Nick Bosa set on a collision course with quarterback Patrick Mahomes, though. Eric Fisher wrapped both arms around the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year as he was closing in on the sack.

Was Bosa held? The defender was asked that during a video conference call with reporters on Thursday.

"I've gotten that question a bunch," Bosa responded while laughing. "I mean, yeah, I don't like thinking about that game very much, but I have gone back, and I've watched up until the fourth quarter.

"Was I held? I mean, it comes down to the opinion of a human being. And that's what refs are. They're human beings. So, if they think it's holding, and you think it's holding, it could have been holding, it could not have been holding. It just depends what he thinks.

"I'm not going to say that's the reason we lost the game because there's plenty of opportunities where I could have done better. I could have done better on that move on 3rd-and-15. I'm sure [DeForest Buckner] is kicking himself when he thinks he could have done better on the wrap and could have gotten there a little quicker. I'm not going to blame the ref by any means."

Bosa admits that he still hasn't watched the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. Who knows if he will? The loss itself, however, is a motivating factor heading into the 2020 season.

"First year, you get there, and you're seven minutes away, and a nightmare of a situation happens," Bosa said. "You could bet that we're going to come back pretty strong this year if we're able to get 16 games in (during a pandemic), and in the playoffs."

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