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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

‘We want some redemption’: Nick Bosa discusses 49ers’ mindset, rookie Javon Kinlaw

Jun 25, 2020 at 5:37 PM--

The 2019 season ended just short of the San Francisco 49ers' goal. The loss in Super Bowl LIV left a sour taste in their mouths and motivated the players to seek redemption during the upcoming season.

Defensive end Nick Bosa was among several players who spoke during this week's State of the Franchise event. He discussed the mindset after last season and why it could mean bad news for opposing teams in 2020.

"Just the run we made, it was unbelievable," Bosa told Keiana Martin and Greg Papa during a group discussion. "Obviously, one team ends the season happy, and we obviously want some redemption, and that's where our focus is going to be this offseason.

"I know I've been training, and I know our team has been training really hard. We're itching to get back to work because nobody's really used to taking this long of a break before. Obviously, what's going on in the country (with the COVID-19 pandemic) is scary, and we're just hoping it gets figured out so we can get to it, get to work."

49ers decision-makers have worked hard to plug in offseason roster holes. The team drafted Javon Kinlaw to replace defensive tackle DeForest Buckner. While players haven't had an opportunity to practice together this offseason due to the pandemic, Kinlaw has made an impression on the reigning NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year.

"Oh man, he just fits our scheme so perfectly," Bosa shared. "I know [defensive line coach Kris Kocurek] is chomping at the bit to get him in the building and get him doing some get-offs.

"I'm just so excited to play with a caliber of player like that. We were in there grinding rookie minicamp (last year), really getting to know the scheme, and it's going to be interesting to see how he picks everything up, not being in the building.

"He looks like he's going to be a great fit. He seems like a great kid."

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