San Francisco 49ers star tight end doesn't do a whole lot of trash-talking on the football field. He typically lets his play do the talking for him, and through his three NFL seasons, it had a lot to say.

The 49ers All-Pro tight end and wrestling superfan has combined for nearly 3,000 yards and 12 touchdowns in his three NFL seasons, including back-to-back 1,000-plus seasons over the past two years. Kittle has emerged as arguably the best tight end in football and one of the game's best young stars.

At least one person, though, believes Kittle needs to work on one aspect of his game — his trash-talking. Wrestling star Booker T spoke with The People's Tight End during WWE Backstage on Tuesday night and provided the young NFL player with a lesson.

Kittle was asked about former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, who added a WWE championship belt to his resume and is one of the best tight ends to ever play in the NFL, and Kittle praised the three-time Super Bowl champion.

"I'm a tight end trooper," Kittle told Booker T. "I love all tight ends. I love Gronk. I've always enjoyed him."

Booker T rolled his eyes a bit and was urged to take Kittle to "promo school."

He said: "I think, George, you've got to get a little dirt up here in this business. ... I would put it like this: I would say, 'Rob Gronkowski, I cannot question your stats — three-time Super Bowl champ. I just can't do it. But you're looking at a man by the name of George Kittle, first-team All-Pro. Who got the record in receiving yards? George Kittle.' So I say, 'Gronkowski, you step to George Kittle, just like a Skittle, I'm gonna make you break down and taste the rainbow, sucka!' Now can you dig that?"

"I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty sure I just peaked right now," Kittle responded. "Booker T just cut me a promo. I don't know where I can go from here. That was wild. That was nuts. That was the best part of my day. Oh, my goodness. I'm sweatin'. I'm fired up right now."

H/t to Dalton Johnson of NBC Sports Bay Area for the find.

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