The 32 NFL Players Association (NFLPA) representatives discussed the terms of the proposed collective bargaining agreement (CBA) on Friday via a three-hour conference call. The outcome? We wait.

There was hope that the player representatives for the 32 NFL teams would vote on the proposal during the call. Although, reports indicate that the conversation got "heated" as players voiced their dissatisfaction with the potential deal.

They didn't vote and will delay any decision until after the NFLPA has a chance to speak with the NFL's executive committee next week in Indianapolis during the NFL Scouting Combine. The players' board does intend to vote after that, according to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network.

One of the major holdups in the proposed CBA is the NFL's insistence on increasing the regular season by one game per team, creating a 17-game schedule.

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The San Francisco 49ers' representative, cornerback Richard Sherman, has been among those who are vocal against the proposal and addition of a regular-season game, fearing that it will negatively impact player safety.

"I don't think it's something that players are interested in, honestly," Sherman said earlier this month, "and if that's the point they are negotiating on, I think these negotiations are going to go a lot longer than anticipated."

The executive committee on the players' side, which is responsible for negotiating the deal and led by NFLPA president Eric Winston, voted six to five not to recommend the new proposal to player representatives. Of course, that was just a recommendation but speaks to the stance the players have against giving up too much when it comes to player safety.

After next week's meeting in Indianapolis, a two-thirds majority vote from team representatives is required to pass the proposal down to NFL players, where a majority vote will approve the proposal.

Also part of the proposal is an altered playoff format, more money and benefits for players, the elimination of one week of the preseason, and several other items.