The San Francisco 49ers faced a lot of adversity in 2019 on the way to the Super Bowl. They had to overcome several injuries and endured one of the toughest second-half stretches in NFL history.

Things aren't going to get easier in 2020.

The 49ers currently own the fourth-toughest strength of schedule, according to I write currently because things could change — for the better or worse.

San Francisco fell just short of winning its sixth Super Bowl championship this past season. Literally, minutes short of that goal. Players like All-Pro tight end George Kittle believe the team has what it takes to beat the odds and return next season.

"I think the work ethic and the mindset around the guys here, and the selflessness from them, I think that in itself will speak volumes," Kittle said last week. "And I think just our mindset going into this offseason, if guys treat it the right way, I think we'll have every opportunity in the world to go back."

Below is the ranking for the NFL's strength of schedule in 2020.

1. New England Patriots (.537)
2. New York Jets (.533)
3. Miami Dolphins (.529)
4. San Francisco 49ers (.527)
T5. Buffalo Bills (.525)
T5. Detroit Lions (.525)
T5. Atlanta Falcons (.525)
T8. Arizona Cardinals (.518)
T8. Houston Texans (.518)
T10. Los Angeles Rams (.516)
T10. Minnesota Vikings (.516)
12. Denver Broncos (.512)
T13. Seattle Seahawks (.508)
T13. Chicago Bears (.508)
15. Green Bay Packers (.504)
T16. Indianapolis Colts (.502)
T16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (.502)
T18. Carolina Panthers (.500)
T18. Kansas City Chiefs (.500)
20. Tennessee Titans (.498)
21. Las Vegas Raiders (.496)
22. Jacksonville Jaguars (.494)
23. Los Angeles Chargers (.492)
24. New Orleans Saints (.490)
25. Philadelphia Eagles (.486)
26. New York Giants (.482)
27. Cincinnati Bengals (.477)
28. Washington Redskins (.465)
29. Cleveland Browns (.461)
30. Dallas Cowboys (.459)
31. Pittsburgh Steelers (.457)
32. Baltimore Ravens (.438)

The 49ers will host the following teams at Levi's Stadium next season: Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Rams, Seattle Seahawks, Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers, Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins

San Francisco will travel to play the following teams on the road: Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Rams, Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, New York Giants, New York Jets

Dates and times for these games will be announced in April.

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