We'll know a lot about the San Francisco 49ers by the afternoon of December 8. That's when the team wraps up the toughest part of its schedule, a three-game stretch that includes the Green Bay Packers at home, and then road games against the Baltimore Ravens and New Orleans Saints.

All three opponents are a combined 24-6.

The 8-2 Packers head into Levi's Stadium on Sunday night (the game was flexed into SNF) to face the 9-1 49ers. Jerry Rice, who joins 95.7 The Game each week during the season, says a start like the one on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals will not suffice against Aaron Rodgers, who he suggests may still hold a grudge against his home-area team.

"The most important thing against the Packers, they can't start slow," Rice said on the "Joe, Lo and Dibs" show. "They've got to start fast because you know Aaron Rodgers is going to come into this ball game wanting to beat the Niners because he's still a little pissed off that the Niners didn't draft him."

So how does Rice think the 49ers will do during this challenging three-game stretch?

"They gonna win them all," Rice responded.

Rice added: "The Niners are going to do it, man. I'm serious. They're going to find a way. Yeah, they've got a big task coming up with the Packers, but this team is going to rise to the occasion, and they're going to get the job done."

You can listen to the entire conversation with Rice below. It begins at about the 23:10 mark.