Fans of the San Francisco 49ers in the city of San Antonio got together to watch their favorite team beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Native Bar and Grill during kick-off weekend.

Just like when 49er fans invaded AT&T Stadium during the 2013 kick-off game against the Dallas Cowboys, the group filled the party room in the back of Native's in a sea of scarlet and gold while other parts of the restaurant had Cowboy and Giants fans watching the game.

"This is awesome," Jesus Archuleta, the founder and president of the 49er Empire San Antonio chapter said about all of the fans who showed up to watch the game. "We have over 140-plus Niner fans here. We packed the house even though this is Cowboy country. We got a good response. I love it and we will keep growing."

When the 49ers would get a first down, Archuleta would yell out "49er first", which would be followed by a loud cheer from everyone in the restaurant.

When George Kittle "scored," fans erupted with a loud roar but had an equally louder jeer when Kyle Juszczyk was called for pass interference.

It was the same when Raheem Mostert's and Kittle's touchdowns were called back for penalties.

Archuleta said the group has been in existence since 2013 and he started the San Antonio chapter because he moved to San Antonio from California.

"I did not know anyone here in San Antonio," Archuleta said. "I tried to start a chapter for the Lakers and did not get a response. The Niners, on the other hand, they were everywhere."

Benny Curry said he feels it is a blessing to watch the game with all the 49er fans.

"I have not seen any of the fans all year, and I miss everyone," Curry said. "This feels good to watch a Niner game with the fans. Like I said, it feels good."

Curry, who has been a 49ers fan since the late '80s and early '90s, said he watches as many games with the San Antonio chapter as he can.

During halftime of the game, Archuleta had a raffle where fans were able to win prizes such as 49ers towels, rabbit ears, bags, and pillows.

While they were cheering those who won the gifts, all of the TVs in Native's went out, which require a system reboot.

Niner fans were not able to watch the start of the second half but waited patiently for the game to come back on.

When 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo threw a 39-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Richie James Jr., Curry yelled it, in which the group erupted with a loud roar.

Fans were equally excited when cornerback Richard Sherman picked off Jameis Winston for a pick-six.

The 49ers went on to beat the Bucs 31-17.

The San Antonio Chapter plans on watching games at Native Bar and Grill for 13 games, except for Halloween against the Cardinals because it will be at Archuleta's home.

Native's, located on 3238 Wurzbach on San Antonio's Westside, hosted games all day during kickoff weekend. For more information about the 49er Empire's San Antonio chapter, follow their Facebook page at Niner Empire San Antonio or send an email to [email protected].