Adam Rank of NFL Network hasn't been in the good graces of the Niners Faithful since making a fairly bold prediction that the San Francisco 49ers, improved on paper from last year thanks to some offseason additions and players returning from injuries, would win one fewer game than the team did in 2018.

He's not deviating from his three-win prediction and says the 49ers still have to go out and prove him wrong. He is, however, changing his tune — just a bit — over one concern.

Rank felt the 49ers offense lacked playmakers at wide receiver. He doesn't want to overanalyze a single preseason game, but one 49ers rookie wideout, Jalen Hurd, might have alleviated that concern — again, just a bit.

Rank joined KNBR on Wednesday night and discussed the first-impression Hurd, who he liked coming out of college, left on him.

"Jalen Hurd looked like he could be really good," Rank told Mark Willard. "I thought when he was at Tennessee, he was good. Then, of course, he goes to Baylor, does his thing there […] None of these wide receivers are really standing out, so I think if Hurd can come in and be that kind of playmaker that Kyle Shanahan is going to rely on for the coming season, then there could be some hope for this team.

"There's talent there. And, of course, if Jimmy Garoppolo can continue to develop, and play well, and get healthy, and show that he's going to be able to give it a go for the entire season, there is some hope."

You can listen to the entire conversation with Rank below. The portion about the 49ers begins at the 6:35 mark.