Rookie wide receivers Deebo Samuel and D.K. Metcalf each found themselves listed on Fantasy Football Today's top 150 rankings earlier this month. The receivers were slotted next to each other with Metcalf at No. 123 and Samuel one spot later.

That started a debate during the CBS Sports show on which rookie will be more valuable in 2019 for fantasy football fans.

"It's going to be hard for me to see D.K. Metcalf getting a ton of catches," said Adam Aizer after watching a video of some poor route-running by the Seattle Seahawks rookie during the team's offseason program.

Aizer does believe, however, that Metcalf can make an impact in the red zone and that's where quarterback Russell Wilson could target the big receiver. Despite being unable to envision Metcalf hauling in a significant number of catches, Aizer believes he can lead the Seahawks in touchdowns.

The Seahawks made Metcalf the final pick of the second round, and he was the ninth receiver selected. The San Francisco 49ers selected Samuel 28 spots earlier, making him the third receiver off the draft board.

"I think there's a better chance that Deebo Samuel delivers sooner than D.K. Metcalf will," said Dave Richard. "The route-running, the fact that he'll catch a lot of passes, he's got a clearer path to starting."

Heath Cummings doesn't necessarily buy that Samuel has a clearer path to starting than Metcalf does, which started another mini-debate. Obviously, being on the field more will impact a player's fantasy football value.

Samuel should have an excellent opportunity to prove his worth. No 49ers wide receiver surpassed 500 receiving yards last season. Kendrick Bourne led the team with 487 yards while then-rookie Dante Pettis came in second with 467. Pettis, however, missed four games due to knee injuries but saw his production increase late in the season.

You can watch the entire debate below.

H/t to Patrick Tulini for the find.


  • Who will be a more productive fantasy football receiver in 2019?
  • Deebo Samuel
  • D.K. Metcalf