The big news out of Santa Clara on Tuesday was Nick Bosa suffering an apparent hamstring injury during practice. The San Francisco 49ers rookie defensive end was able to make his way off the practice field, albeit with a noticeable limp, and head coach Kyle Shanahan didn't have an update on the injury when he spoke with reporters that afternoon.

The 49ers' other new pass rusher, Dee Ford, didn't sound too concerned about Bosa's injury.

"He'll get healthy," Ford told reporters after Tuesday's practice. "He'll be back. He'll be fine. It's important as a rookie to stay the course, don't get down. You've got a lot of stuff to go through as a rookie."

San Francisco ranked No. 22 in the NFL last year when it comes to bringing down opposing quarterbacks. The defense had a total of 37 sacks last season, and a team-leading 12 of those came from defensive tackle DeForest Buckner.

Ford, who the 49ers acquired via a trade in March, had a career-high 13 sacks with the Kansas City Chiefs last year. Bosa, the No. 2 overall pick in this year's draft, racked up 17.5 in just over two seasons with Ohio State. San Francisco invested heavily this offseason in improving the team's pass rush, and Bosa is a big part of that.

Ford knows how vital Bosa is to the 49ers' plans for the upcoming season.

"He works very hard," Ford said. "He's a really good guy. You hate to see [an injury] for a rookie because he's really progressing, and he's going to be important for the defense. That D-line room, we're really starting to mesh."

What is it about Bosa that makes him such an exceptional pass rusher? Ford explained that the rookie is fast enough to get off the line and strong enough to bully blockers.

"And in the run game, he can make plays, frontside and backside," he added.

Ford has already told Bosa not to get too used to one side of the defensive line. The versatility to play either edge spot is essential because you never know what the game plan might entail. Although, he notes that being on the same side as Buckner will give an edge rusher a bit of an advantage.

"Great rushers can rush from either side," Ford said.

As for the controversy surrounding Bosa's past social media activity, don't bother asking Ford about it. He doesn't even use social media and doesn't have to worry about who is saying or liking what.

"It's refreshing not to have social media, waiting on likes and sh-t." Ford said.